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NSG 4068 Week 1 Discussion

NSG 4068 Week 1 Discussion

A challenge that I have faced in my nursing career is working with others who have difficulty with accountability. They are not held accountable for their actions and, therefore, do the bare minimum to scrape by. I believe that accountability is a fundamental characteristic of nursing. It is, at the core, snaking its way through nursing practice in all settings and in all layers. It is doing the right thing day in and day out, no matter who is watching. Where a culture of accountability prevails, people do what they say they’ll do. Everyone builds integrity for themselves and for the institution by holding themselves and one another accountable. Nursing has been voted the most trusted profession for many years in a row. It’s vital that we maintain this level of trust in our profession with each and every healthcare encounter. This means being accountable for our practice, work environment, and patient safety. Registered Nurses are accountable for everything that they do within their role. We are members of a profession. Individual accountability in nursing has become the hallmark of practice (Black,2017).

An organization that lacks accountability is full of defences and rationalization for not attaining goals. Nursing staff may feel that almost is good enough as no one will notice the shortcomings. Or worse yet, they sense that goals are whimsical or unreachable, so it is best to put time and energy into cheating the system. Many nurses may have a fear of accountability because there is an expectation that is tied to it.

Accountability is comprised of three elements- clarity, commitment, and consequences (American Nurse Today, 2109). When an order is written, it must be clear, concise and specific; we, as nurses, are not mind readers. Clarity, to me, means explaining why. If I know the reasons behind an expectation, I am more likely to commit myself to meeting it. This is where commitment comes into play; simply receiving an order is not enough. We must choose to commit to carrying out the order. Lastly, along with accountability, there are consequences for not doing as we say or not taking responsibility for our actions. We’re often asked to balance increased workloads with higher acuity patient assignments, greater nurse-patient ratios, and organizational needs. As nurses, we need to be able to stand up and say, I take full responsibility for myself, my choices, and my behaviour. I’m willing to take responsibility for my mistakes and learn from them.

NSG 4068 Week 1 Discussion

I envision myself being the one to seek a culture change in my healthcare setting. I want to create a culture where everyone does what they say they will do and are held accountable for their actions, even if this means taking disciplinary action. I want to work with fellow nurses who I can rely on and, in return, can rely on me.


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NSG 4068 Week 1 Discussion

From the chapter “The Changing United States Health Care System” in your course textbook, use either the story of Wald’s efforts to improve the health status of impoverished immigrant communities or the story of how advanced practice registered nurses have struggled with their legitimacy within the health care delivery system, compare your own experience in

Have there been challenges you have faced? If so, what strategies did you employ to overcome these challenges?

How do you envision your career moving forward in advocating for your patients? Your community? Yourself?

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