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NSG 4055 Week 4 Project – Locating Resources

NSG 4055 Week 4 Project – Locating Resources

There have been many findings on how nurse practitioners provide quality, cost-efficient, and quality health services to patients when they are in their state of practice. APRNs are nurses who are trained in diagnosing and treating illnesses. They are equipped with knowledge that makes them competent to treat patients in different settings, such as acute and primary care. In terms of the schooling that NPs go through, it is much less than that of a physician, and they can provide most services that a physician can do as well. NP has been able to be beneficial to the economy due to people paying less, making this profession more cost-effective due to high healthcare costs.

According to the Healthcare Financial Association, the total costs of care are 6% to 7% lower for NP patients than for physician patients. The annual costs for NP patients were $2,005 lower than compared of physician patients found in June of 2019 (The Heller School, n.d.). For example, a study of Medicare compared claims submitted by NPs and primary care physicians. After looking at the demographic characteristics for beneficiaries assigned to an NP were $207 less or 29% less than if they were to see a physician. This means that increasing access to NPs in primary care had no increased costs for the Medicare program and may be cost efficient.

This NP profession leads to a reduction in errors due to them treating the patients in a holistic manner. They are more careful with how they assess patients and have a more detailed understanding of the patient’s history. The more time that is spent with the patient, the more likelihood of the patient wanting to share more information about themselves. This leads to a more trusting relationship. NPs tend to collaborate more with the team, not just through one profession, such as doctors. This leads to a reduction in errors. In a study, nurse practitioners visited patients in 515 nursing homes within 48 hours from when they left there. The NPs took care of the issues that needed to be addressed. They found that thirty percent of the non-medication issues that they identified were issues with follow-up care. Also with pain medications as well. Researchers found that NPs reduced hospitalizations by 21 percent (Rodziewicz, 2023).

NSG 4055 Week 4 Project – Locating Resources

If there are more NPs that can provide primary and acute care, then this will decrease the number of patients going to the emergency room for primary care. A study showed how assigning nurse practitioner faculty to deliver care in the home to complex patients would decrease the number of people going to the hospital again and ER visits. In the study, there was a cohort of 82 patients in rehospitalizations and ER visits, and that was compared with pre-home care periods. In comparison to the 1-year pre-home care period, there was a decrease of 23.7% in ER visits and a 34.9% decrease in coming back to the hospital (Coppa et al., 2018). Therefore, allowing NPs to have full practice authority to deliver home-based primary health care services to homebound or chronically ill patients will allow patients to not overuse care services.


Coppa D, Winchester S, Roberts M. Home-based nurse practitioners demonstrate reductions in rehospitalizations and emergency department visits in a clinically complex patient population through an academic-clinical partnership. J Am Assoc Nurse Pract. 2018 Jun;30(6):335-343. doi: 10.1097/JXX.0000000000000060. PMID: 29878967.

The Heller School at Brandeis University. (n.d.). Nurse practitioner-provided care costs up to 34% less than doctor-provided care. care.html#:~:text=New%20peer-reviewed%20research%20from%20the%20Heller %20School%E2%80%99s%20Schneider,34%25%20less%20costly%20than%20care %20provided%20by%20physicians.

Rodziewicz T, Houseman B, Hipskind J. Medical Error Reduction and Prevention. 2023 May 2. In: StatPearls [Internet]. Treasure Island (FL): StatPearls Publishing; 2023 Jan–. PMID: 29763131.


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NSG 4055 Week 4 Project – Locating Resources

Locate a minimum of three community or national resources for your illness group chosen in Week 1, preferably in your community. Study these resources and write a report about them in a 4- to 5-page Microsoft Word document. Include in your response all the information the patient should know about them.

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