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NSG 4055 Week 1 Project – Identifying a Group

NSG 4055 Week 1 Project – Identifying a Group

NSG 4055 Week 1 Project – Identifying a Group

Diabetes occurs when the body is not able to produce sufficient insulin or cannot respond to insulin appropriately (Abler & Vezina, 2018). I selected diabetes as a topic for chronic diseases. Being a nurse working with an endocrinologist, I chose this topic to discuss. It is a critical disease that people should be aware of. However, I find individuals with diabetes do not consider it as a serious problem. They are unaware of the various complications that uncontrolled blood sugar levels can cause. In order to have an enhanced understanding of the significance of diabetes knowledge, it is important to understand what the illness actually is.

Literature Review

In a body, the hormone insulin is produced by the pancreas. It is necessary for all the body cells to absorb and utilize sugar or glucose (Xu & Xue, 2016). In some individuals, the pancreas cannot produce sufficient insulin. In other cases, it can make insulin, but the body does not know how to handle it. This can lead to increased blood sugar, which consecutively leads to diabetes.

Diabetes has three different types. The most typical type is diabetes mellitus or type 2 diabetes. It occurs when the pancreas cannot produce sufficient insulin, and the individual becomes resistant to the insulin it produces. The other type is diabetes insipidus or type 1 diabetes (Lal, 2016). It occurs when a person becomes independent of insulin as the pancreas does not produce insulin. Gestational diabetes is the third type of diabetes, which occurs during the course of pregnancy. Screening during pregnancy is significant as it may result in long-term health complications for mothers and children.

NSG 4055 Week 1 Project – Identifying a Group

Morbidity and Comorbidity

Diabetes usually occurs with comorbid illnesses. These diseases are also called concomitant diseases. The diseases that typically occur with diabetes include cardiovascular disease, hypertension, obesity, and kidney disease. Another comorbid pathology is dyslipidemia (Kooti et al., 2016). It suggests that an individual may have irregular levels of HDL, LDL, or triglycerides, which consecutively increase the risk of heart disease or stroke (Juster-Switlyk & Smith, 2016). Diabetic patients also have a risk of developing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Chronic Illness Impact

Diabetes is much more prevalent than the contemplations of the general public. It is the seventh principal cause of mortality. In the United States, around 29.1 million individuals are affected. Compared to people without diabetes, the risk of having a heart attack can be increased times (Alonso et al., 2017). Uncontrolled diabetes is very dangerous and is the primary cause of blindness, kidney failure, and amputation.

In 2017, the total economic cost of diabetes in the United States was $327 billion. These costs include treatment, incapacity for work, and early death. Imagine how much these costs have risen in the eight years since the worldwide increase in diabetes (Alonso, Moliner, & Mauricio, 2017). The patient’s insulin costs are astronomical and are only getting worse.

Healthy People 2020 Goals

As mentioned by Healthy People 2020, the primary goal of diabetes is to decrease the healthcare and economic burden of diabetes and enhance the quality of life for all individuals who are diabetic or at risk of developing it. According to Healthy People 2020, diabetes has several purposes. This is:

A decrease in the number of new cases of diabetes diagnosed among the population each

(Develop) reduce diabetic mortality

Reduces mortality from diabetes

Reduce lower limb amputation rate for people diagnosed with diabetes.

Improve blood sugar in patients with

Control blood lipid control in patients with

Increase the number of diabetes patients diagnosed with controlled blood

Increase the number of diabetic individuals with dental exams at least once a

Increase the percentage of diabetic patients who undergo at least one foot exam per

Increase the number of diabetic patients who undergo a mydriatic eye exam.

Increase the number of diabetic patients who measure glycated hemoglobin to a minimum of twice a

Increase the number of diabetic people with urine microalbumin measurements every.

Increase the percentage of diabetic adults who measure their blood glucose no less than once a

Increase the number of patients diagnosed with diabetes who obtain proper education on diabetes.

Increase the number of diabetics diagnosed with

Strengthen the preventive behavior of risk groups in prediabetes.

The questionnaire is developed on the basis of information required and necessary for the care plan of patients with diabetes. Based on these questions and my understanding of diabetes, this will be a diabetic questionnaire:

When were you first diagnosed with diabetes?

Are you presently receiving medical treatment or supervision?

How do you control or manage your diabetes? [] Insulin [] Diet [] Oral pills

If applied, what type of insulin are you taking?

How many units per day?

Administration time?

If applied, what type of oral tablets are you taking?

Do you have reactions to diabetes medications?

Have you ever been hospitalized for diabetes?

Do you have a vision complaint?

Have you ever had chest pain, swollen ankles, or heart disease?

Have you ever had high blood pressure?

Do you have kidney disease?

Do you have a relapse or prolonged illness?

Did you have problems with neuritis, pain, or paralysis?

Do you need further information on any of the below-mentioned topics? (Circle)


Foot care


Quitting smoking

Diabetes and diet

Alcohol abuse




Chronic diseases are common, and there are several diseases that affect Americans in different ways. However, I decided to discuss diabetes and the need to closely monitor this chronic disease. If not controlled, diabetes is among the chronic illnesses that can result in death. It is always important to obtain information on any disease necessary to detect morbidity/comorbidity factors. By gaining training and knowledge, you provide diabetes patients with tools to take care of themselves. As a general rule, with early diagnosis and treatment, chronic diseases are not necessarily chronic.


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Xu, S., & Xue, Y. (2016). Pediatric obesity: Causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment. Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine, 11(1), 15-20.


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Identify an area of chronic illness of specific interest to you that is represented as a Healthy People 2020 topic (

Explain your choice and your interest in it. Prepare a questionnaire utilizing your knowledge of health and illness, with the aim of acquiring all the information you need from patients to prepare a plan of care for the specific illness group.

Submit your information in a 4- to 5-page Microsoft Word document. In addition to your questionnaire, be sure to include the following details in your paper.

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