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NSG 4028 Week 4 Discussion

NSG 4028 Week 4 Discussion

Patients need to learn from a person whom they can trust and who can convey the education with confidence and accuracy by way of using body language as well as methods that are specific to that culture. They need this to absorb what is being taught.

COPD is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that occurs in patients who have certain risk factors such as hypertension, smoking cigarettes, inhalation of toxic chemicals, and asthma.

The patient needs to be taught the ways to avoid having an exacerbation as well as ways to self-treat and care for themselves. Patients should follow Bandura’s social learning initiative for a 3-month screening period. (Mcleod, 2016)This would allow them to learn and follow what others do as far as living a healthy lifestyle and the principles of social learning and have a successful performance.

NSG 4028 Week 4 Discussion

The educator should define the priorities and expectations of the audience that is to receive the education. Set the expectations and develop the education to be geared towards building the framework and curriculum for the learning process. This will ensure that you have a successful teaching outcome.

COPD is not reversible, so you have to be able to teach the patient how to manage symptoms and notice the signs. The important thing is to understand the challenges and implement learning solutions to ensure the patient is getting a good understanding of the education presented to them.

A quitting smoking initiative can be used to help smokers try to quit as well as to educate them on the dangers and toxic effects smoking has on the lungs and how its effects on COPD can cause an exacerbation of their disease.

Potential barriers and solutions would be the cultural differences between the patient and the educator. The biggest barrier would be for the provider to be able to put their cultural and religious backgrounds aside to ensure that the patient has a successful educational session. The patient needs to have a clear understanding of the risk factors associated with the disease to notice the signs and symptoms of exacerbations and how to lower the admissions to the hospital and doctor’s visits.

NSG 4028 Week 4 Discussion

Several teaching methods would work with educating patients. Social learning is one of them, as it can be joined with cognitive behavior therapy. The teaching is based on changing one’s behavior through watching others and adapting to the way one acts. It’s pretty hard to break a habit, but if you get the teaching to be effective, you might just get the patient to at least recognize the signs of an exacerbation or not cause one and save the patient from getting admitted or even more damage to the lungs. (Mthiyane & Habedi, 2018)

In conclusion, the educator needs to make sure the patient can teach back what he/she has learned and possibly cut back on how many cigarettes they consume, and by the next visit with their PCP, they may have changed a habit or two that leads them to grab a cigarette.


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Patient Education

Create a lesson pertaining to caring for a patient with COPD who is from another culture.

Discuss potential barriers and solutions

Address learning evaluation methods.

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