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NSG 4028 Week 2 Discussion

NSG 4028 Week 2 Discussion

Evaluation and documentation of the current process is the first step when bringing change to a given unit. Normally, change has always been considered to be inevitable, and for the expected outcomes to be achieved, the right steps of the process have to be followed. Even without enough time, there can always be a way to come up with the right strategies to go about a change. The approach used to change from one way of operation to another one depends on how well its workability will be (De Alencar et al., 2018). I would ensure that I persist with the manager on the idea of ensuring the first step of the documentation and evaluation of the present process. I would tell him that if this is done, then the transition process to the next one will be easy, and once the change is adopted, it will, therefore, be easy to enhance it. I will ensure that the manager understands that developing change strategies is not an easy task, and the omission of an essential step, such as the evaluation and the documentation of the first process, will definitely lead to the failure of the next intended process.

Based on past change implementation processes in health organizations, it will be easy to make references to such instances and render them to the manager to show him or her the implications that came with the omission of the documentation and evaluation of the present process (De Alencar et al., 2018). One step of the change process directly or indirectly affects the next step of the process. I will ensure to present the negative impacts that will come with the idea of the manager in that if the step is omitted, then the rest of the steps will be of no essence as the change process will eventually fail. Change takes time, and without that, the desired outcomes will not be achieved.


De Alencar, M., Gouveia, I., de de Sá Nunes, V., de Souza Alves, A., & Paula Gomes Cruz, R. (2018). Implementation Strategy of Application for Nursing Prescription. Journal of Nursing UFPE/Revista de Enfermagem UFPE, 12(1).


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NSG 4028 Week 2 Discussion

Discuss a clinical experience in which you had to incorporate one or more learning styles, such as visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. Explain the outcomes and how you created an effective learning experience.


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