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NSG 3039 Week 3 Discussion-The Impact of Technology on Population Health

NSG 3039 Week 3 Discussion-The Impact of Technology on Population Health

Promoting self-care gives the patients a sense of having control over their daily lives. Technology has given them a greater opportunity through continuous advancement in the wearable device industry. According to Eaton (2016), “Wearable fitness devices have been a hot topic in health and wellness for a few years now, but what kind of impact have wearables had on improving health outcomes? Wearable fitness devices can track physical activity, sleep, heart rate, and even on-screen workouts. They are often paired with a smartphone or website to track and store data.” One of the newest healthy wearable devices is the Fitbit. According to numerous television commercials, this device is designed to help people become more active, eat healthier, sleep better, and become healthier. By wearing this device, it is much easier to keep track of your health habits. People are more prone to wear this device than to keep track of their habits by writing them down. The nurses can educate the patients on how to use the devices and help them choose which is more suitable for a patient’s lifestyle. Nurses can explain the importance of healthier lifestyles by providing brochures on the different types of wearables. What may work for one patient may not work for another. Everyone’s learning level is not the same. Even though our health habits can be monitored at our fingertips, we must not rely totally on these devices. Nurses should stress to the patients the importance of getting yearly checkups with their physicians.


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NSG 3039 Week 3 Discussion-The Impact of Technology on Population Health

Advances in technology have fed the explosion of wearable devices and patient self-monitoring. How can nurses leverage this technology to promote healthy lifestyles and improve compliance with self-care and monitoring?

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