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NSG 3039 Week 2 Discussion-Implementing Change

NSG 3039 Week 2 Discussion-Implementing Change

In adult work, changing jobs or careers often gives us varying anxiety levels. You’ve established a routine. You’re in your comfort zone. That is where many of us have a sense of safety and security. It can be challenging when you take the plunge and begin a new path in life. The uncertainty of what is to come can be quite unsettling. Not so long ago, I experienced a change in my work life. I have been a Registered Nurse for almost twelve years. I have spent most of it working in a critical care unit at a local facility. Almost two years ago, I decided to expand my skills and abilities by beginning a new Critical Care Float RN role in the same facility. While still at the same location, I would be floating between five units based on their staffing needs. This included working in the Cardiovascular ICU, Med/Surg/Neuro ICU, their prospective step-down units, and the Emergency Department.

The thought of functioning on vastly different units with different protocols and workflows was intimidating. I wondered if I would succeed in these areas, which all required varying skills that differed from my accustomed routines. After I began working on these different units, my experience was most definitely a good one. Each unit I went to was filled with coworkers and managers who spent time training and educating me on their unit-specific equipment, documentation processes, protocols, and skills. I was sent to in-service training classes and regularly met with my director and their unit directors to exchange feedback on what I felt I was proficient with and any further education I might need. This aided me in successfully transitioning into this new position with minimal stress and anxiety. I have been in this role for almost two years and love it.

NSG 3039 Week 2 Discussion-Implementing Change

I attribute my success in this transition to the educational, peer, and managerial support I received. Park, Hye-Seung, and Eun-Jee (2018) suggest, “By obtaining support and useful information from supervisors, organizations could provide more professional development opportunities that meet participants’ needs and demands” (p. 68-69). My supervisors and the directors went above and beyond my expectations while assisting me in this transition. They provided me with support and bedside training and offered classroom and computer continuing education experience to enhance my success. They ensured vital information distribution and feedback exchange so I could carry out best practice interventions on these units. Without this, I would have had difficulty delivering my patients the best and safest care. This process should be used every time a change is made to minimize stress. Our facility requires mandatory Training, including quarterly updates, to keep us informed and ensure we are performing skills aligned with current best practices.

When implementing change, organizations must provide ample education and Training via classroom, computer continuing education, and at the bedside to ensure nurses are up to date on essential skills. McGonigle (2018) asserts, “Training may be delivered in various media. Often, a combination of approaches works best, including classroom time, electronic learning, independent exercises, and peer-to-peer, at-the-elbow support” (p. 282). These components are imperative to ensuring success in job performance and best practice delivery.


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Post a response to one of the two discussion topics below, using information from the lectures, reading assignments, library resources, and Internet resources. All responses should be posted to the Discussion Area.


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NSG 3039 Week 2 Discussion-Implementing Change

Topic 1:

Change in our work and personal lives is often a stress-inducing event. The goal of the change agent should be to mitigate stress as much as possible. Share your experience with change, good or bad, and if it was a “good” experience, what made it good? And if “bad,” what made it bad? How do these experiences align with best practices in implementing change?

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