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NR 505 Week 1 Discussion – Area of Interest in NP

NR 505 Week 1 Discussion – Area of Interest in NP

My previous area of interest is community health care, but I would like to change this topic to Issues of inadequate access to health care in the community. The reason for changing this topic is to narrow my topic down in order to be more specific. My previous topic was very broad and had non-specific issues of focus. My specialty program is the Family Nurse Practitioner. Nurse practitioners work in all sectors of health care, including community health centers. The field of NP is rapidly growing; nurse practitioners help to increase efficiency in primary care visits and reduce the amount of time it takes for people to be seen by their primary care physicians. NPs help to improve the health and well-being of people in the community by helping to provide safe and efficient health care services.

Inadequate access to health care is one of the challenges that NPs face daily while taking care of people in the community. As a Nurse Practitioner (NP), I will be in a position to help improve health care for adults and children, thus closing the gap of health inequalities in the community. According to Dewit et al. (2017), there is a wide disparity in health care among social groups; this difference creates a high risk for poor health, especially in the elderly. As a nurse practitioner, my passion is to pick up some extra hours in community health-free clinics in my area and help people who have no insurance with free health screening and care. The dream of every country is to provide health care for all its citizens at a price that is affordable and accessible. NPs are here to make this dream come to pass for so many people in our country. According to Allen et al. (2014), NPs provide the same or better quality health care at a reduced cost when compared to patients who saw other healthcare professionals. Good quality health care at a reduced price will enable more people to afford health care and ensure a reduction in mortality and morbidity rates in the community.

My PICOT question for this research will be

My focus is on adults and the elderly who do not have access to health care in terms of lack of insurance or due to a language barrier. My focus is to find out how their health outcome is affected when compared to those who have access to health care in the form of insurance and without other barriers like language.

NR 505 Week 1 Discussion – Area of Interest in NP

Population: adults and elderly patients without access to health care (insurance, language barrier) Intervention: Free health care services by Nurse practitioners

Comparison: Compare differences in health outcomes for those without access to health care who received free health services to those who have access to health care like insurance

Outcome: Increased and better health for people without access to health who get free services. Timeline: 6 months are needed to collect, analyze, and compare data.


Allen, J. K., Nutting, A., Himmelfarb, C. R., Szanton, S. L., & Frick, K. D. (2014, July). Cost-effectiveness of nurse practitioners/ Community health worker care to reduce cardiovascular health disparities. The Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 29(4), 308-314. 10.1097/JCN.0b013e3182945243

Dewit, L., Fenenga, C., Giammarchi, C., Furia, L. D., Hutter, I., Winter, A. D., & Meijering, L. (2017, July 20). Community-based initiatives improving critical health: A systematic review and meta-synthesis of qualitative evidence. BMC Public Health, 18, 1-11. 10.1186/s12889-017-4570-7


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You will provide a rationale as to why your assigned topic is the most important, the best, for the provision of quality care as a nurse practitioner.

.You will compare the topic you are assigned to one of the other topics you have not been assigned. For example, if you are assigned quality improvement, you may compare it to a traditional research method, such as a randomized control trial. When writing this argument, you should provide a compare and contrast approach that highlights the features of the topics, how the topic informs providers and the topic’s importance to quality and safety.

Your response to this prompt should be a minimum of two (2) paragraphs of 4-5 sentences that utilize in-text citations (APA).

A response to two (2) peers is required with a minimum of one (1) paragraph of 4-5 sentences which utilizes in-text citations (APA).

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