NR 439 – RN Evidence-Based Practice Free Samples

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The process of research and professional nurse practice contributions are examined. Querying research questions skills and looking for exceptional evidence are evaluated. Studying published research results while comprehending and using excellent evidence skills as a professional nurse practice basis are developed.

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  1. NR 439 Week 1 Discussion – Role of Research and the Importance of the Searchable Clinical Question Free Sample
  2. NR 439 Week 2 Discussion – Search for Literature and Levels of Evidence Free Sample
  3. NR 439 Week 3 Assignment – PICOT Evidence Worksheet 1 (Use of Alarm System in Elderly Population) Free Sample
  4. NR 439 Week 3 Assignment – PICOT Evidence Worksheet 2 (Infants diagnosed with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome) Free Sample
  5. NR 439 Week 3 Discussion – Research Problems, Designs, and Sample Free Sample
  6. NR 439 Week 4 Discussion – Ethical and Legal Issues Free Sample
  7. NR 439 Week 5 Assignment – Reading Research Literature Free Sample
  8. NR 439 Week 5 Discussion – Data Collection and Measurement Free Sample
  9. NR 439 Week 6 Assignment 1 – Research Article Critique Paper 1 (Shortage of Nursing Workforce) Free Sample
  10. NR 439 Week 6 Assignment 2 – Research Article Critique Paper 2 (Teamwork and Collaboration for Oncology Nursing) Free Sample
  11. NR 439 Week 6 Assignment 3 – Research Article Critique Paper 3 (Types of Photographic Art Preferred by Cancer Patients) Free Sample
  12. NR 439 Week 6 Discussion – Data Results and Analysis Free Sample
  13. NR439 Week 7 Discussion – Applying and Sharing Evidence to Practice Free Sample
  14. NR439 Week 8 Discussion – Where Do You Go From Here Free Sample