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Non-profits and Public Administration

Non-profits and Public Administration





Subject: Change of Benefits

Hello Team,

Foremost, the company would like to thank all staff members for raising issues of dissatisfaction with the benefits plan that we have been using. The feedback that everyone provided has created an environment for monitoring and subsequent improvement. The evaluation and monitoring process has yielded fruit!

Therefore, I am glad to inform you about the expected changes in benefits. After a comprehensive and detailed search for a new benefits program, the benefits team settled on one plan that is expected to cater to our needs efficiently.

The new program is expected to provide the following;

  • plans that offer multiple deductible programs
  • savings account for healthcare
  • wellness program with weight loss application
  • wellness incentive visits
  • gym membership reimbursements
  • programs for smoking cessation
  • enhanced dental plan

A few of the aspects that were used during the search are not included in the new program. These include;

  • lower premiums
  • reduced premiums for nonsmokers
  • enhanced eye care plan options
  • improved disability coverage in the long and short-term

The company will enjoy specific benefits such as;

  • lower premiums for employees who engage in wellness programs
  • further lowering of in-network usage rates
  • gold plan option

The gold plan option is tailor-made for executives. The option is more cost-effective than it was in the previous benefits plan.

As is evident, the new program does not address all the issues that were raised. To maximize the new plan, I would encourage everyone to take part in wellness programs in various forms. The new plan’s objective is to ensure that all staff members are healthy, which is critical to the company’s overall performance (Kelly, Berkman, Kubzansky, & Lovejoy, 2021).

This plan is expected to take effect on the 1st of January in the next fiscal year.

I look forward to any questions regarding the program. Thank you once again!


Angelina Simmons

Human Resource Manager

Comcast Cable Corporation


Kelly, E. L., Berkman, L. F., Kubzansky, L. D., & Lovejoy, M. (2021). 7 Strategies to Improve Your Employees’ Health and Well-Being. Harvard Business Review.


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Non-profits and Public Administration

Non-profits and Public Administration

Describe why you think nonprofits exist. Why do you think public administration exists? How does administration within these two sectors differ? Which do you think your personal skillset/personality is best suited for based on the differences in each sector? Explain why.

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