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New Charles Town Baseball League Marketing Plan

New Charles Town Baseball League Marketing Plan

Hello. Welcome to my presentation on the New Charles Town Baseball League marketing plan that will focus on market research, demographics, and competing forms of entertainment.

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According to Point2 (2023), the median age for the residents in Charles Town is 40 years. The town has 6,373 residents. The population comprises 91.79% US-born citizens, 6.72% non-US-born citizens, and 1.49% non-citizens. The town’s proximity to Washington, DC, influences the high population of US-born citizens. The town is located on the lower Shenandoah Valley, 73 miles on the northwestern side of Washington, DC, and 75 miles on the west side of Baltimore.

The marital status of the residents of Charles Town is classified into married, unmarried, divorced, and separated residents. Notably, 1,518 residents, representing 30.12% of the people in Charles Town, have never been married, and 2,458 residents, representing 48.77% of the total population, are married. Further, 101 residents, representing 2% of the total population, are separated, while 872 residents, representing 17.3%, are divorced. The town embraces various religions and operates as a civilized society because of a high population of educated people. Notably, 33.7 % of the population are religious, 1.2% practice Judaism, and 2.3% practice Islam. Regarding education, 35.48% of the population have a high school degree, 22.38% have a college certificate, and 21.58% have a bachelor’s degree.

Charles Town is a diverse town in terms of race and gender. 47.73% of the residents in the region are males, and 52.27% are females. The racial composition comprises 75.94% whites, 11.96% African American, and 4.91% other races. The racial composition contributes to language diversity in the town. The languages spoken in the town include English, Spanish, and Chinese.

The political views in the town are mainly reflected by the leaders that the residents elect. According to Bestplaces (2023), most people in Charles Town are conservative. Conservative political views include upholding social values and traditional family structures. The people in the town value hard work and are active in activities that contribute to the town’s growth. According to Niche (2023), Charles Town’s unemployment rate is 6.5 %. Employed residents come from different backgrounds and contribute to the town’s growth by spending their income to purchase goods and services within the town. The average household income is $98,363 per year, and the median household income is $79,158 per year.

According to Data USA (2023), the median disposable income for households is $77, 552, the median disposable income for families is $101,713, the median disposable income for married families is $107,132, and the median disposable income for non-families is $49,808. Most people in Charles Town support professional sports. The main professional sports in the town include horse racing, baseball and soccer.

One of the competing forms of entertainment in Charles Town includes the College of Charles Town sports teams, Purcellville Cannons, and Frederick Keys. The events brought in by the local Chamber of Commerce to stimulate economic development include the Annual Charlestown Sea Food Festival and the Applumpkin Fall Festival. The annual Charlestown Sea Food Festival includes selling the best seafood, steamers, lobsters, fish and chips, chowder, corn on the cob, and lobster rolls and engaging in activities such as rock wall climbing, amusement rides, and kayaking (The Charlestown Chamber of Commerce, 2023). The Applumpkin Fall Festival is a family-oriented festival that includes decorating pumpkins, a costume parade, building a scarecrow, carnival games, and craft stands (Narragansett Chamber of Commerce, 2023). The events and local college, high school or professional teams create competition for the new Charles Town baseball league because some potential spectators for the league may attend the events during a baseball match and support the other professional teams.

The main theaters in Charles Town include the Old Opera House Theatre Company & Arts Centre, the AMC St. Charles Town Center 9, and The Family Drive-in Theatre. The theaters pose a competition to the new Charles Town baseball league because some potential spectators may opt to go to the theaters during a baseball match. The main concerts that could reduce the number of spectators for the new Charles Town baseball league include the Beatles vs. Stones concert, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts concert, and 38 special concerts. The St. Charles County Fair may also reduce the number of spectators for the new Charles Town baseball league.


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The three parts of the overall marketing plan that will be completed this week are Market Research, Demographics, and Competing Forms of Entertainment. Please thoroughly address the following components.

New Charles Town Baseball League Marketing Plan

New Charles Town Baseball League Marketing Plan

Please provide as much market research and demographic/psychographic information as possible on the Charles Town, WV area. Possible items for inclusion could be:
Age breakdown of area residents
Population data
The marital status of area residents
Educational information on area residents (e.g., high school graduates, college graduates, etc.)
Religion breakdown of area residents
Geographic location (e.g., city population versus suburbs)
Gender breakdown
Racial composition
Political views
Unemployment rate
Languages spoken
Income data
Average disposable income
Interest in sports
Competing forms of entertainment are also important to consider. This will vary from city to city and regionally, but could include:
Local college, high school, or professional sports teams
Events brought in by the local Chamber of Commerce to stimulate economic development
Theaters, concerts, etc.
City, county or state fairs
Please create a PowerPoint presentation covering the areas listed above for presentation to the City Council of Charles Town, WV. Please be sure to review the “PowerPoint Presentation Do’s and Don’ts” document that’s attached. Remember, the PowerPoint must be in bullet format and must include a notes section. The notes section should be a summary of the bullet points in your presentation, such that if you were unable to make the presentation, someone else could make the presentation for you by reading what you’ve written in the notes section.

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