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Network Security Devices and Protocols

Network Security Devices and Protocols

I agree that network security devices perform a significant task of minimizing the security risks on the network. These protocols refer to devices that guarantee the integrity and security of the data being transferred across various network connections (Chan et al., 2020). The network security protocol used is based on the protected data type and network connection. Each protocol is composed of unique techniques and procedures that are required for the protection of the network data from access by unauthorized parties.

An example of a network security protocol used to minimize the security risks on a network is the simple network management protocol (SNMP). SNMP is a network monitoring device that executes its functions through the application layer. This protocol permits devices running on LANs or WANs. Furthermore, SNMP provides a shared language that permits devices like servers and routers to communicate effectively through a network management system (Demirkan et al., 2020). Some of the components that make up this network security protocol include but are not limited to an agent, a manager, and a management information base (MIB). In this case, the manager is the client, the agent is the server, and the MIB is the database. Therefore, the agent responds to requests triggered by the manager through the MIB (Demirkan et al., 2020). Despite SNMP’s wide availability, administrators must adjust the default settings to enable communication between the agents and the information system for efficient implementation of the protocol.

The invention of SNMPv3 IN 2004 enabled this network security protocol to gain three significant security features. Chan et al. (2020) note that these features are integrity checks to prevent tampering of packets while on transition, encryption of the containers to hinder infiltration of information being transferred, and authentication that verifies that the parties involved in communication are legal.


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Network Security Devices and Protocols

Network Security Devices and Protocols

Agree or disagree with the following statement: Network security devices and protocols play a crucial role in minimizing the security risks on the network. Give 1 example to support your argument.

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