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Network Plan and Budget for Maury High School

Network Plan and Budget for Maury High School

Maury High School wants to implement a local area network, that will provide internet and resource sharing. The network will connect all the floors in the building, which include the basement, the first floor, the second floor, and the third floor. The network design includes details and the cost of cables, network devices, and security implementation. All the users will be connected to the network through the LAN sockets and wireless router.

A Plan And Budget For The Wiring Of The Building

The network design of the network will cover all the office floors. The network will have a single router connected to the internet service provider (ISP). The router will then be connected to the core switch. The core switch will act as a hub to connect to the other switch. Each floor will have one or more switches depending on the users and the switch specification. The design of the network will accommodate all the users in the institution. The network equipment will ensure that the internet will be distributed to all the floors.

Figure 1: Network Design

The network will also have wireless routers to connect to devices such as tablets and phones. The cost of wiring for the project will include the cost of CAT 6 cable, which connects to the devices on all the floors. The building will require around 5000 feet of CAT 6 cable.  This translates to approximately five rolls of CAT 6 cable, with one roll containing 1000ft of cable. The CAT 6 trueCABLE brand at $190 each is recommended for this project (Kuklovskai︠a︡, 2019).

The CAT 6 patch cables will be connected to switch rack holders and also used to connect wired devices to the wall socket ports. The cost of each patch cable is approximately $5 each. In total, 600 patch cables will be used in all the switch cabinets.

Figure 2: Patch cable

Cable trunking will be done to ensure that the cables are physically secure and durable. Trunking will be done on all the floor and user points. Some network devices, such as the switches will be placed in the telecom closets. There will be three telecom closets located on the first, second, and third floors.



The router is an essential device for the network as it provides routing for incoming and outgoing data traffic. The router will be connected to the internet service provider (ISP). The router should have security features such as firewalls and other detection systems. The best router for the institution is the Cisco Systems Gigabit Dual WAN VPN 14 Port Router. The router has VPN and SSL security. It has an inbuilt IP filter for security purposes. The cost of the router is $191.

Wireless Router

A wireless router will be used to connect wireless devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and other smart devices. There will be two wireless routers, one on the 1st-floor telecom closet and the second on the 3rd-floor telecom closet.  The best wireless router for the school will be the NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router (R6700). This router supports wireless speeds of up to 1750 Mbps with a coverage area of up to 1500 sq. and can support up to 25 Devices. The WiFi Router is also equipped with an Armor Security service add-on. The router is faster, covers a broad area, and has advanced security features. The cost of the wireless router is approximately $94.

Figure 3: Wireless Router

Core Switch

The core switch will distribute the network connection to other switches. The core switch connects to other switches, such as on each floor. The core switch will be a 16 or 32-port switch. The Cisco Sg350-28 28-Port Gigabit Managed Switch is the best for the network. The switch port can be managed and configured to allow other switches to connect to the ports. The switch has 26 –ports, which is good as a core switch. The switch can be mounted in the main cabinet rack.

Figure 4: Core Switch

The price for the core switch is $268.99 (“Amazon”, 2019)


A switch is a network device that performs the switching and forwarding of packets. Each floor will have one or more switches. The best switch for the school will be the HP J9772A Switch. The prize for each switch is $800 (“Amazon”, 2019). The switch has a high number of ports hence it can serve many users. The switch can be mounted in the cabinet rack.

Figure 5: Switch

A Plan And Budget For Securing Network Traffic

Information security is essential in the school network. The network must be free from both external and internal threats like hackers. The network will have a firewall to control the outgoing and incoming data traffic. The firewall will be configured to deny access to other websites and user IP. The best firewall hardware for the school is the WatchGuard Firebox T15-W. The price for the firewall is $330 per switch.

Figure 6: Firewall

All the network devices will be configured to be secure. The router will be set to have a secure username and password. Harding of the switch will also be done to have a secure username and password. The switch ports will also be configured to ensure maximum security. A logical network of VLAN will be created in the system to enhance security. Departments such as the finance department and school faculties will have their VLAN (Ciampa, 2012, p264).

All the network users must be trained on proper security policies. Students, employees, and other network users should be trained on information security threats and how to prevent them. Security threats such as phish or social engineering are minimized through proper training.  Training costs will be around $2000 to train all the network users.

Equipment Location

The various network equipment will be distributed in the equipment room in the basement and the telecom closets on each floor.

The basement equipment room will house the core switch, the basement switch, the firewall for the switch, the router, switch rack holders, and the switch cabinets.

The first-floor telecom closet will house the first-floor switch, the first wireless router, and the firewall for the switch.

The second-floor telecom closet will house the second-floor switch and the firewall for the switch.

The third-floor telecom closet will house the third-floor switch, the second wireless router, and the firewall for the switch.


The discussed network design covers the basement and the three floors of the institution. The report also includes the design requirements such as cables, network devices, security plans, and the cost of the various requirements. The cost of network infrastructure is an essential consideration when setting up a network. The costs of the proposed network requirements will be as follows:

Item Quantity Amount
Cat6 cable 4 $190
Patch cable 600 $5
Core switch 1 $268.99
Wireless Router 2 $94
Router 1 $191
Switch 4 $800
Firewall 1 $330
Training 1 $2000
Other Cost 1 $1500
Total $5378.99

The recommendation of the best options for network equipment such as cables and devices is another important consideration when designing a network. The choice of equipment plays a major role in the performance and durability of any network. Lastly, the institution should ensure that the design of the network is secure, able to serve all the users in the institution, and fulfill all network requirements.


Ciampa, M. (2012). Security+ guide to network security fundamentals. Cengage Learning.

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Network Plan and Budget for Maury High School

Design a wired network for Maury High school. Your plan must include two live network outlets for each classroom and office and a secured Internet connection that the whole school will share running at at least 1Mbps (symmetric). The school will not have any Internet facing servers.

You are encouraged to discuss the project with up to two other people in the class; however, you must hand in

Network Plan and Budget for Maury High School

Network Plan and Budget for Maury High School

your own version of each part of the project. Each part of the project will be graded on a “must work” basis: if the particular design will work you will get full credit for that part, but if a part does not work or you do not hand it in on time you will get a zero for that part. All parts must be submitted on or before the last regular class day for grading, meaning you may submit parts earlier for feedback and grading regarding whether or not they will work.

Submit the following:

  1. (25 points) A plan and budget for the wiring of the building that includes an estimated total of the cable runs to each room and between the equipment room and the telecomm closets, along with an estimate of the total amount of cabling needed. Your budget should include the total cost of cabling, costs of outlets in the classrooms/offices, and patch panels in the equipment room and telecomm closets. Indicate the sources of your pricing information. Indicate on the floor plan where the equipment room and telecomm closets will be. You have permission to use up to four of the small offices (shown on the floor plan with no furniture). You will have to determine the scale of the floor plan yourself, assuming that Maury is 95 meters wide (do not ask to go into the building). The floor plan you have been given does not match the current floor plan of Maury.
  2. (15 points) A plan and budget of where and what equipment is needed to support an Ethernet network that connects all of the rooms in Maury High School, including patch cables and managed switches. The total number of Ethernet ports purchased must be at least 10% more than the total number of outlets. Indicate what equipment is to be installed in each equipment room and telecomm closet. Indicate the sources of your pricing information.
  3. (10 points) A plan and budget for securing network traffic within Maury and to the Internet, including a firewall that supports 200-300 users. Your plan should include a network diagram with separate subnets/VLANs to separate staff traffic from student traffic. Your firewall should be able to allow and block traffic from any internal subnet or address to any Internet subnet or address. Indicate the sources of your pricing information.

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