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Navigating Gender Dynamics- Womens Impact in a Male-Dominated Economy

Navigating Gender Dynamics- Womens Impact in a Male-Dominated Economy

The economy of a region or country is shaped by various societal factors, including gender equality. According to the UNDP (2012), institutional economics suggests that gender relations patterns influence people’s economic preferences because males, females, and third-gender individuals conform to various social expectations and conventions (p. 7). Therefore, gender plays a vital role in shaping society’s economic growth. However, women’s ability to participate in the economy is limited by being allocated unpaid work (Elborgh-Woytek et al., 2013, p. 8). In most societies in advanced economies, gender-specific career paths, dominated by career breaks and more part-time work for child care among women, lead to a high risk of poverty among women (Elborgh-Woytek et al., 2013, p. 9). Therefore, women in most advanced economies, such as the United States, are unable to participate in economic growth.

Is the U.S. Economy Man-Dominated?

In my opinion, the U.S. economy is male-dominated. One of the reasons why the U.S. economy can be described as male-dominated is the existence of a wide gender gap in pay. According to Kochhar (2023), women in the United States earned 82 cents for each dollar earned by men in 2022 (p. 1). Therefore, men earn more than women, thus enabling them to save money for investment and entrepreneurship. The second reason is that most women in the U.S. work part-time to create time for their families. Working part-time reduces a person’s hourly pay rate (Meara et al., 2019, p. 272). Therefore, most women in the United States are unable to match the earnings earned by men because of the part-time work arrangement, which leads to a male-dominated economy.

The Role and Impact of Women Leaders in an Economy Dominated By Men

The role of women in an economy dominated by men is to empower other women to take advantage of opportunities that enable them to earn income. For example, women leaders empower women to pursue entrepreneurship and advance their education to secure good and well-paying jobs. The main impact of women leaders in an economy dominated by men is breaking stereotypes that limit women from participating. Women also impact people’s beliefs about the characteristics of women by showing that women can contribute to economic development. Manzi and Heilman (2021) argue that people’s beliefs about the characteristics of women and men are organized along communion and agency dimensions (p. 2). The communion dimension includes considering affiliations with others and emotional sensitivity. The agency dimension includes attributes such as assertiveness, achievement orientation, and autonomy. Women leaders emphasize the agency dimension by supporting other women to be successful in business and gain a place in the male-dominated economy.


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Prompt: Is the U.S. economy man-dominated? Give reasons to explain your answer.

Navigating Gender Dynamics- Womens Impact in a Male-Dominated Economy

Navigating Gender Dynamics- Women’s Impact in a Male-Dominated Economy

Discuss the role and impact of women leaders in an economy dominated by men.

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