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My Impression of Hinduism

My Impression of Hinduism

I see Hinduism as one of the world’s most diverse religions. This impression is based on the religion’s multifaceted beliefs and practices. First, it is worth noting that Hinduism lacks a single founder or commonly agreed teachings; it comprises different philosophies taught and written by various key figures in its extensive history. For this reason, Hinduism is considered a way of life or a family of religions (BBC, 2009), something I find fascinating. Notably, it is characterized by a deep reverence for the divine, multiple concepts such as karma, and a wide spectrum of deities and texts offering spiritual guidance. One concept that piques my interest is the concept of karma. Karma means “action” and is a law that postulates that actions have equal reactions. As such, virtuous actions have good reactions, while bad actions have bad reactions. In Hinduism, karma functions across multiple lifetimes, where an action’s reaction can be experienced in the present life or a different one (Flood, 2009). Moreover, the religion’s sacred texts, such as the Vedas, give profound insights into the nature of existence and the human quest for purpose. Also, Hinduism is open to personal spiritual exploration, allowing its followers to find their unique connection with the divine. In sum, Hinduism is a multifaceted and diverse tradition that embraces a wide array of beliefs and practices that profoundly influence spirituality and philosophy worldwide.


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My Impression of Hinduism

My Impression of Hinduism

Base your written response on information that you personally want to know or want to express. Most importantly, do not include a listing of facts about the topic. What is being asked is your impression of each topic/religion, as well as any questions you may have. Give your opinion!
Each submission should include a name, date, and at least one paragraph/10 sentences. You are welcome to submit more than one paragraph.
If you are asking a question in which you’d like me to respond, please provide the context, i.e., if your question is from a text or a video you watched, please list the page #’s or title.
You are welcome to ask general questions regarding religion after you’ve written about that week’s topic.
Grades: You’ll receive a 95-100 (A) for a thorough response, an 85-94 (A-/B) for a response that meets the requirements but exhibits a lack of engagement with the topic, or an 84 or lower (B-F) for a response that is either late or missing key aspects of the requirements. The numbered grade will be on your Schoology page in the grade book.

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