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Multiple Ways to Teach a Concept: Video Links

Multiple Ways to Teach a Concept: Video Links

Part 1: Template

Concept #1 Example Problem
Volume: Cubic Units
  1. Find the volume of a cube of length 7, width 7, and height 7
Video link #1 Video link #2
Solving the problem using the method from Video #1 Solving the problem using the method from Video #2


For this, we first get the area of the base. To find the area of the base, we multiply the

Base area= LxW



After finding the base area, we now find the volume by multiplying










Concept #2 Example Problem
Find the sum of the angle measures of an octagon
Video link #1 Video link #2
Solving the problem using the method from Video #1 Solving the problem using the method from Video #2


For the first formula, we draw the picture of a pentagon. After drawing the pentagon, we draw lines in it to create 3 triangles. each triangle sum is 1800 to find the sum of angles in the pentagon, we add

180 for the first triangle 180 for the second triangle and 180 for the third triangle.

180+180+180= 540




N in the formula above stands for the number of sides. So, we substitute the n with 5 because we are dealing with a pentagon. Then we solve it as follows;





Part 2 Reflection:

Solving mathematical problems using diverse styles is vital. This will help learners better understand mathematical concepts and improve students’ problem-solving skills. Most importantly, having two styles ensures students solve problems more efficiently and correctly. Sobecki et al. (2018) note that teaching learners diverse styles enables them to learn different strategies for solving problems. As a result, the learners will decide or choose the best style that meets their level or resonates with them. Teaching math using different styles helps learners become more flexible and creative mathematicians who can always use and find diverse problem-solving methods. In addition, Maharani (2014) also states that teaching maths using different styles will give students a fluidity of mathematical thinking that moves them from one level to another, helping them correctly solve different mathematical problems. Finally, teaching math problems improves students’ perspectives or thinking. This is because solving math problems needs diverse techniques and approaches, which can assist learners in viewing the same problem from multiple viewpoints and developing more flexible and adaptable thinking.

Teaching math using diverse styles will help my future professional practice because it will help me develop excellent problem-solving skills. As such, in the future, when an issue arises, I will not only think of one solution to the problem but ensure I come up with several options. Secondly, this will help my future practice by improving my perspectives. Maharani (2014) states that a person’s perspectives are likely to be diverse when math is taught using diverse strategies and techniques. This means I will be able to see things from multiple perspectives whenever a solution to a problem or an idea is required. Teaching math with different styles will also help develop my thinking ability. This will broaden my thinking skills so that I become a good thinker. Therefore, whenever I am faced with an issue, I will take time to think and reflect on it before making the final decision. In addition, using different styles will help me become more flexible in the future rather than being rigid on various matters. Notably, I will have learned to be flexible and use what is more appropriate for me. Finally, this will help me make better decisions because teaching with more than one style allows a person to choose the style that resonates with them. Therefore, this will help me make personal choices about my career or teaching by helping me make the most reliable and appropriate choices. Finally, it will help improve my teaching skills as I will become more creative and design diverse teaching styles, making my instruction more effective. Generally, teaching math using different styles will greatly impact my future profession. It will equip me with vital career skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and good decision-making, which will make me much more productive and successful in my career.


Maharani, H. R. (2014). Creative thinking in mathematics: Are we able to solve mathematical problems in a variety of ways? In International Conference on Mathematics, Science, and Education (Vol. 23).

Sobecki, D., Bluman, A. G., Schirck-Matthews, A., & Bluman, A. G. (2018). Math in Our World. McGraw-Hill.


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Assessment Description
An important quality in a good math teacher is the ability to help students form connections with the subject. Teachers must make sure students understand the concepts rather than just memorizing the steps. Not all students think alike, so it is important that a teacher explains things in multiple ways to ensure all students learn.

Multiple Ways to Teach a Concept- Video Links

Multiple Ways to Teach a Concept- Video Links

Complete the attached “Project 1-Multiple Ways to Teach a Concept: Video Links Template 1” and submit it to the Instructor.


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