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Moving Company Business Venture

Moving Company Business Venture


Hello. Welcome to my presentation on my moving company business venture.

The company’s customer relationships will include personal assistance, communities, and co-creation. Personal assistance will involve advising the customer on the best relocation package, creating a quotation, and signing a contract to authorize the relocation. Further, communities will include engaging customers through the company’s social media platforms to understand their needs and preferences and address complaints. According to Bhatnagar (2012), customer engagement creates a long-term relationship with customers leading to customer loyalty and increased sales. Finally, co-creation will include rewarding customers who refer other customers to the company. The rewards will include discounts, shopping vouchers, and free packing material.

The moving service venture will specialize in local moving, packing services, long-distance moving, and delivery services. The key activities include packing and unpacking, home and office arrangement, relocation of items from one place to another, delivery services, creating a quotation for relocation services, and creating an inventory of the relocated items and confirming that they are all there before leaving the destination. Value proposition will be achieved through high-quality services, affordable services, confidentiality, and professionalism.

Customer segments will include middle-income households, offices, and healthcare facilities relocating to another location, people looking for packing services for product storage or transportation, and people looking for transportation services for furniture, electronics, utensils, and clothes. The venture will use direct, indirect, and hybrid distribution systems. Revenue streams will include partnering with real estate agents, leasing out equipment, selling packing materials, business relocation and home relocations, long-distance moving, and delivery services. Customer relationships will include personal assistance, communities, and co-creation.

Key resources will include an online platform where customers can inquire about the company’s services, trucks and vans, packing materials, staff uniforms, insurance, a contract outlining the company’s services, payment terms, liability, and the customer’s responsibilities and license. The company will partner with third-party logistics companies, real estate agents, offices, government facilities, hospitals, and personal business owners in the community to increase revenue generation. Accordingly, this will help the business meet the main expenses in the cost structure, including fuel costs, packing materials, transportation permit, license, salaries, insurance, and expenses incurred in purchasing or hiring trucks.


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Unit 7 Assignment (Optional): Presentation Slide
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Moving Company Business Venture

Moving Company Business Venture

If you would like feedback on your project, submit the following optional assignment:
Identify the Customer Relationships elements of your business’ model canvas.
Prepare the draft of this slide that you will use in your final project and submit to the above submission link by 11:59 p.m. EST, Sunday of Unit 7. See the attached grading rubric

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