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Motor Milestones and Physical Activity

Motor Milestones and Physical Activity

The sport that is chosen for analysis based on motor development is soccer. Soccer is a game played mainly on the feet and legs, even though other body parts like the head, chest, and shoulders are also utilized. Soccer is a popular sport, and sometimes children play it from a very young age. However, the best age to introduce this sport to a child is between ages 6 and 9 (Youth Sports, 2021). Soccer requires one to be able to dribble the ball, kick the ball, and even run after the ball. These requirements when playing soccer mean that soccer can be introduced to the child who can run, jump, kick, and move the shoulders. Therefore, the motor milestones needed are jumping, kicking, running, and moving the shoulders (Feldman, 2022). The skills required are the ability to dribble the ball, kick the ball toward a given target, and hit the ball using the head, chest, or shoulders without touching the ball with the hands. The child should also be able to run with the ball in a given direction. Soccer is beneficial because it enhances body balance since soccer involves using both legs to dribble the ball.

Some of the potential injuries that one can get when playing soccer are soreness in the calf, pain in the knee, and pain in the back of the ankle. The child can also have concussions due to cooperation with other players. Spraining of the legs, breaking the legs, bruises from falls, and knee and heel injuries are common when playing soccer (KidsHealth, 2020). However, this sport has no serious dangers, and these injuries, though common among soccer players, do not happen regularly. Soccer is a very engaging sport that makes the whole body active, and so it is recommended for children starting from the age identified above. It is also enjoyable and loved by many people.


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For this Discussion, you will explore this question by analyzing the skills needed to engage in a specific sport and consider the motor milestones that provide the necessary foundation of strength and coordination. You will also consider the likelihood of injury to a young body.

Motor Milestones and Physical Activity

Motor Milestones and Physical Activity

To prepare:

Review the Week 3 Learning Resources, especially the “Preventing Children’s Sports Injuries” and the “Youth Sports” articles.
Think about one sport that you would encourage a child to play. Consider the basic motor skills that are present in early childhood.
With these thoughts in mind, post the sport you have chosen and the age it is developmentally appropriate for a child to begin participating in the sport.

Then, provide a brief explanation of how the child may benefit from introducing the sport at the age you recommended. Specify the motor skills required for the sport you have chosen by including a description of the foundational motor milestones and the precise skills needed for the child’s success in the sport.

Finally, explain the potential injuries or possible negative aspects of engaging in this sport at too early an age.

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