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Moral Criticisms of the Free Market

Moral Criticisms of the Free Market

I agree with Ewert’s position on free versus government-controlled markets. First, the article delves into why ‘Christian socialists’ are yet to recognize the failures of the anti-free economic system. Despite years of failed experiments with state-directed economic policies, Christian leftists are still attached to the policies because, according to them, the system is moral and just (Ewert, n.p). On the other hand, secular leftists have softened their position because statistics and evidence overwhelmingly show that a state-controlled economy does not address the people’s needs sufficiently. To that end, secular leftists are dynamic since they have changed their position due to evidence showing the failures of state-controlled economies (Ewert, n.p). On the other hand, Christian socialists are sticking to government-controlled economies because they feel it is the right thing to do.

Consistently, Ewert examines the validity of Christian socialist views on the morality of a free economy. The goal is to show why they are wrong in arguing that a free economy does not promote virtues characterized by morality. One of the indictments used to resist capitalism/free markets is that it encourages materialism. However, that is untrue because materialism is not unique to capitalist markets. Just like Zupan (p.187) argues, materialism can be exhibited even in socialist economies. Therefore, the vice is not limited to a capitalist economy. Also, Ewert argues against the assertion that free economies foster individualistic anarchy. One of the arguments presented by Ewert to invalidate this assertion is that even in capitalist markets, business people engage with their customers to build positive relationships. When individuals interact freely, cooperative and interactive behavior is enhanced (Zupan 187). Therefore, it is wrong to argue that free markets foster individualism, materialism, selfishness, and low economic power for a segment of the population.

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This assignment requires you to read “Moral Criticisms of the Market” by Ken S. Ewert (found in the Learn section, Read: Moral Criticisms of the Market). Note that in his article, Ewert is defending the free market from “Christian Socialists.” He states their position and then gives a rebuttal.

Moral Criticisms of the Free Market

Moral Criticisms of the Free Market

Do you agree with the critique of the market in Ewert’s article? Why or why not? Read carefully and offer cogent reasons.
Consider the context of the article; the Berlin Wall fell months after the article was published. The USSR followed shortly thereafter.

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