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Moral Agency and Its Relation to Businesses

Moral Agency and Its Relation to Businesses

Moral agency is characterized by the ability to make ethical abilities based on what is considered to be right or wrong. As such, these capacities can be associated with individuals, groups, businesses, and healthcare institutions (Milliken, 2018). Notably, moral agency captures three major concepts: the moral competency of an individual or organization, the normative framework on which ethical behavior is based, and the factors that influence the decision-making process.

A moral agent involves a person or collective entity who possesses the ability to exercise moral agency. As such, rational and critical thinking are the core pillars of an agent. From this perspective, moral agents can distinguish between right and wrong, hence creating a sense of accountability for their actions (Milliken, 2018). An example of a moral agency within physiotherapy practice can be inferred from the interaction between a therapist and a patient. This communication is used as a basis to understand the specific needs of a patient and hence the opportunity to act towards ethical and positive changes (Grace, 2018). Another example would be a situation where a nurse witnesses some form of abuse towards patients in a healthcare facility and faces a dilemma when reporting it. The nurse’s decision-making should be based on ethics and nursing principles that lead to a positive outcome.

In conclusion, moral agency involves making ethical decisions based on what is considered right or wrong. The application of moral agency by individuals daily illustrates that it also applies in their places of work which might be of varying types, such as the healthcare industry or manufacturing. Therefore, moral agency encompasses perceiving the differences between right and wrong and making decisions based on the understanding achieved. These decisions primarily lead to positive outcomes in various cases, whether in an individual or business setting.


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Moral Agency

Moral Agency

Describe Moral Agency. Give two examples of how this idea relates to businesses.

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