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Module 12 Questions – Cosmic Microwave Background

Module 12 Questions – Cosmic Microwave Background

This discussion will focus on Question 12, “The observed 3° Kelvin radiation?” My choice was “has a continuous thermal spectrum, has almost the same intensity over the whole sky, has its peak in the microwave spectral region, and originated from a gas at a temperature of about 3000 K.”

Cosmic Microwave Background radiation is a remnant of the high-temperature and dense conditions that occurred shortly after the Big Bang; this evidence strongly reinforces the credibility of the Big Bang theory. The large redshift makes it appear like it comes from a blackbody with a 2.7 K temperature. It is a faint, uniform glow of microwave radiation that permeates the entire Universe. As the Universe expanded and cooled, this radiation remained as a nearly uniform background of microwave radiation that is still detected to this day. The gas clouds, with a temperature of roughly 3000 K, produced blackbody radiation as they released the photons. (Seeds & Backman 2018). The Universe’s expansion has caused a redshift, making wavelengths about 1100 times longer, resulting in the maximum intensity wavelength being around one million nanometers today. This is the reason why the initially hot gas from the Big Bang appears to be approximately 1100 times cooler, now measuring about 2.7 Kelvin. The Cosmic Microwave Background has been studied extensively and has provided important insights into the structure, composition, and history of the Universe.

Remarkably, the module educates about the Big Bang theory and how the Universe might have evolved from an almost unimaginably tiny and hot state to the vast and complex cosmos seen today. The module questions reinforce the information presented in the module, helping one remember and retain the material. Moreover, one can gauge their knowledge and identify areas where they need to focus more attention for improvement.


Seeds, M. A. & Backman, D. (2018). ASTRO 3: Introductory astronomy. Cengage Learning.


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Cosmic Microwave Background

Cosmic Microwave Background

Discuss one or more questions from Module 12 Questions [DOCX] and why you answered them the way you did.
Include other interesting remarks about the module

The 3° Kelvin radiation is thought to have originated in. D

    1. nearby galaxies today.
    2. Gravitational repulsion.
    3. White dwarfs.
    4. The Big Bang long ago.
    5. The liquid cores of asteroids.

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