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Methods of Teaching

Methods of teaching

Methods of teaching Description Age (Years) Variations for special needs When to use the method
Modelling A teaching method that involves demonstrating and giving a Rationale for each step. 5 – 10 ADHD Learner It is best used right at the center of the lesson when giving instructions  (Landøy, Popa, and Repanovici 138)
Addressing mistakes The teacher can allow the learners to check for mistakes in their peers’ assignments or give learners work with errors for them to point them out (Burden and Byrd 170). 8 – 15 ADHD Learner They are used at the end of the instructions to assess their content knowledge.
Provide Feedback The teacher can provide feedback to learners after assessing their work (Burden and Byrd 169). 8 – 15 ADHD Learner Feedback is issued at the end of the lesson after a summertime assessment (Landøy, Popa, and Repanovici 139).
Cooperative Learning The teacher can arrange places into groups and give them tasks to perform. 8 – 15 ADHD and autistic learners. It can be used for an entire lesson to help the learners learn qualities like teamwork, team leadership, and learning from each other (Landøy, Popa, and Repanovici 140).
Experiential Learning It is a teaching method that allows learners to learn through practice. 5 – 15 ADHD and autistic learners This method can be used in the lesson when it involves practice exercises and abstract learning (Landøy, Popa, and Repanovici 140).
Student-Led Classroom It is a teaching strategy where the teacher allows the learners to teach each other (Burden and Byrd 145). 8 – 15 ADHD learners For an entire lesson, when trying to assess the learners’ knowledge of content and their social skills (Landøy, Popa, and Repanovici 140).
Class Discussion Class discussions can be used at the beginning or end of a lesson to examine the learner’s ability to brainstorm and critically analyze a subject. 10-15 ADHD learners Used at the beginning of a lesson to assess the students’ understanding of a topic. Used at the end of the lesson to determine the learner’s ability to exchange ideas (Landøy, Popa, and Repanovici 140).
Inquiry-Guided Instruction It involves asking questions and answering them together with the learners 5 – 15 ADHD learners It is used at the beginning of a lesson to help learners learn complex processes (Landøy, Popa, and Repanovici 140).
Lesson Objective Transparency In this teaching method, the teacher shares with the learners the objective so the learners know what to target 8 – 15 ADHD and autistic learners This is best used at the beginning of the lesson to prepare the learners for the lesson (Landøy, Popa, and Repanovici 138).
Graphic Organizers This is a teaching approach where the teacher summarizes the ideas using visual aids like graphics, PowerPoint, pictures, and even videos. 5 – 15 ADHD and autistic learners. It is used in the entire lesson to make learning easier and for abstract learning (Landøy, Popa, and Repanovici 140).

Methods to Summarize/Review Content

Works Cited

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Methods of Teaching

Methods of Teaching

Create a resource file of various methods of teaching. Each process should have a detailed description, including appropriate ages, variations for children with special needs, when you would use the technique, etc. If you find forms or other information in your search, you can also include those. If the idea is an actual activity, please explain thoroughly. You cannot simply submit a list of 10 ideas – you will need to explain each of your 10 ideas for each resource file.
3. Motivators/Openers/Attention Getters:
Label Definition
Label Rationale for using
Discuss ten various methods for motivating/opening lessons/attention-getters.
The Internet is an excellent source of this information for a teacher! There will also be helpful ideas in your past textbooks for this assignment. Please cite any sources used – I need the book’s name or the website.

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