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Metacognition-Data Collection Strategies

Metacognition-Data Collection Strategies

Data collection methods can either be primary or secondary. Secondary data has been compiled earlier by another individual, whereas primary data is one the researcher gathers first-hand. Examples of secondary data include government publications, journal articles, surveys, questionnaires, experiments, observations, and personal interviews. Examples of primary data include interviews, surveys, and experiments performed by the researcher. In psychology, case studies, surveys, and observational studies are commonly used (Boundless Psychology, n.d). However, most researchers in psychology refrain from using oral history as a method of collecting data. Oral history allows individuals to collect and study historical information about important events, families, and individuals. I believe that researchers in psychology should make more use of this data collection method as it will allow them to gather important information that would help provide a biological explanation for some problems like depression and schizophrenia that individuals suffer from.

The information that I have obtained from this module will help me professionally. I can conduct research more easily as I am familiar with the various research components, such as data collection methods and research design. This unit will also help me become more observant of my surroundings. I have already experienced the benefits since I am more interested in other people’s behaviors in public. For instance, having learned of observation as a method of collecting data, I observe individuals in restaurants more keenly and attempt to interpret their behaviors and facial expressions. I am also more observant of the behaviors of individuals I interact with, which has boosted my communication and listening skills.


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Metacognition-Data Collection Strategies

Metacognition-Data Collection Strategies

Think about the different data collection strategies covered in this module.

  • Are any of the data collection strategies commonly used in your field?
  • Identify a data collection strategy that is not commonly used in your field. Discuss why it is not a good fit or explain why professionals in your field should start using it.
  • How might you be able to use what you learned in this module in your life, personally and professionally?

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