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Medical Informatics

Medical Informatics

Health informatics is a subfield of medicine that integrates nursing science,  technology, and analytical sciences to regiment the effective management and communication of information between nurses, patients, and healthcare providers. This is accomplished through advanced medical technology, which improves medical procedures, treatment planning, data record tactics, and the communication practices of all healthcare professionals. Health informatics, in essence, elevates the overall effectiveness of healthcare providers in several ways, such as it can help prevent harmful treatment and prescription errors. It is estimated that medication errors impact roughly 1.5 million individuals a year. Issues like this or incomplete treatment of a disease, injury, or condition are usually the result of identifiable mistakes. These include the improper use of medical equipment or the incorrect recording of patient data. By incorporating new health informatics technology into the medical community, clinicians are ramping up efforts to reduce the frequency of these types of medical errors.

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In my current healthcare organization, we use health informatics across many disciplines. For example, we now have three new Xi Surgical Robots in our surgery department to help reduce errors, and the improved coordination that health informatics has created between healthcare professionals and patients is very noticeable.

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Samant, S. (2019). How Informatics Can Improve Health Care. Retrieved from improve-health-care-16269


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Medical Informatics

Medical Informatics

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Respond to the following:

What ideas in medical informatics presented in this week’s learning material excited and inspired you about the ways data can be used to improve health care? Explain the idea and provide examples. How can these applications of health data and information be used at an organization where you have worked?

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