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Measuring and Comparing Crime – Transnational Crime

Measuring and Comparing Crime – Transnational Crime

Transnational crime includes the trafficking of drugs across nations, terrorism, and human trafficking, among others. The best sources of transnational crime according to the United Nations On Drugs and Crime, are journals, cross-border organized crime assessments, and global reports on trafficking in persons. However, it is difficult to get exact figures and data on the crimes due to a lack of funds and manipulation from corrupt officials. Therefore, as the head of a United Nations agency for collecting data on transnational crime, I would suggest a trust fund geared towards funding the collection of data, analysis, and combating crime at a national level. With enough resources, local agencies can obtain the right data and thus formulate appropriate strategies such as stopping their primary sources of income (UNODC).

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UNODC. (n.d.). Data Collection and Analysis. UNODC.


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Measuring and Comparing Crime

Measuring and Comparing Crime

Please respond to the following:

Discuss two (2) sources of data upon which your personal knowledge of transnational crime is based, such as personal experience, conversations with others, academic courses or books, newspapers or TV news, movies and TV shows, or Internet materials. Debate the degree to which you can trust each source to provide accurate, unbiased data. Support your response with at least one (1) example of transnational crime from each source.
You have been appointed head of a United Nations agency tasked with collecting transnational crime statistics. Determine the strategy that you would utilize for collecting, compiling, and disseminating the transnational crime data that you are seeking. Explain two (2) reasons why your strategy would be most effective.

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