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Mass Media News

Mass Media News

The article by de Hoog and Verboon (2020) is a research that examines the impact that media news has on people. Specifically, the researchers were interested in reviewing news’s impact on the emotional state of the audience when they are daily exposed to its contents. The researchers employed a longitudinal method for data collection. The sampled population was eighty Dutch adults exposed to news daily and expected to fill out a questionnaire describing their feelings after their exposure to the news (de Hoog & Verboon, 2020). The results showed that the more a person is exposed to negative news, the more the news has a bad impact on them, especially if the content is considered personally relevant.

This study not only explains the impacts of mass media on people but also that the increased spread of news in this age of mass media could cause increased emotional and mental issues. The results in the article can be considered credible since the researchers used a scientific experiment where human subjects were experimented on. Additionally, the researchers exposed the participants to different types of news. The results were also accurate because they clarified that the impacts of the news differ depending on its relevance to the individual (Sanborn & Harris, 2013). This outcome is logical because unless the news is relevant to an individual, it cannot have a positive or negative impact. For instance, an increase in tax for people in another country cannot impact a person who is not a citizen of that country and does not live there. People are more likely to overlook such news.

While this study could be relevant in creating a general understanding of how exposure to news affects people emotionally and psychologically, a critical analysis of the study shows that there are some limitations that this research may have. Firstly, the population of 80 participants could be very small for more accurate results. The researcher should have used a much larger sample to make their study more accurate (Schweigert, 2020). Secondly, this study could be limited because it only focused on people receiving news from a certain application. This is a limitation because news from different media might have a different effect (Schweigert, 2020). For instance, raw news from social media could have a different impact compared to moderated news from media like radio and television.


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Mass Media News

Mass Media News

For this week, we reviewed mass media and how news is covered. For this assignment, you will find and review an article related to mass media news covered from a psychology perspective. The article needs to be a peer-reviewed journal article and written within the last 5-6 years.

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