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Mass Media Influence on Behavior

Mass Media Influence on Behavior

Mass media is known to be a very significant source of information and also a connection between people in distant places. As such, mass media can change people’s behavior because of the high number of people who use it and also the high number of people who believe in its effectiveness. This study by Michelle Khoo Su Anna, Ashraf Sadat Ahadzadehb, and Mansour Aminic reaffirms these perspectives because, in their qualitative study that examined media’s impact on fashion consciousness, they confirmed this hypothesis. In other words, the researchers found out that since mass media is used for exposure and also since it is used by most of the youth, it served as a perfect tool to use when changing people’s behavior towards attire. Specifically, the researchers noted that the youth used mass media to get information on the latest trends.

An examination of this study shows that the research excellently explained how mass media can be used to influence people’s behavior. These findings are in agreement with the findings in the research by Lin et al. (2020), who also found out that the fact that people are exposed to mass media and since there is a strong belief in the content of mass media, it can influence the behavior of the masses thus making it an effective tool in politics. The study is also found to be effective in handling this area of study because it has relied on qualitative research. One of the important things about a qualitative study is that it offers more information and can also expose participants’ feelings towards a given subject (Busetto, Wick, & Gumbinger, 2020). As such, the use of a qualitative research method makes the outcome of this study to be valuable.

There is, however, one challenge with this research. The issue with this research rests on the sampled population. In the study, the researchers sampled only nine participants who were given an interview. Such a population is very small for generalization. In order for the conclusions of a study to be considered representative of the general behavior of the public or the group being studied, it is crucial that the researcher use the largest population possible when conducting the study.


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Mass Media Influence on Behavior

Mass Media Influence on Behavior

For this week, we covered the influence mass media has on behavior. For this assignment, you will find and review an article related to mass media’s influence on behavior. The article needs to be a peer-reviewed journal article and written within the last 5-6 years.

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