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Mass Media Consumption

Mass Media Consumption

Mass media plays a vital role in socialization and knowledge acquisition. According to Sterin & Winston (2017), mass media includes print media, television, and radio. One of the mass media that I regularly consume is television. I use television as a source of entertainment by watching different television programs across various genres. The development of the film industry has resulted in the rise of different television shows and movies aired on various television channels. I have mastered a list of channels I use to access movies and television shows in my free time to stay entertained. The list includes both local and international channels.

The second media that I regularly use is print media. I read magazines on different topics to enforce social norms and stay informed about the changes in acceptable practices in society. The main social norms I have enforced through print media include thanking people for favours, volunteering in community projects, upholding ethics in business and personal interactions, and respecting people’s cultural beliefs and values in a diverse setting. Print media also promotes my consumption of knowledge in different areas, such as business and politics.

The third media that I regularly consume is radio. I listen to radio programs on different issues within society and comment on the issues through the stations’ social media platforms to socialize with other listeners. I also rely on the radio for entertainment by listening to songs and podcasts. Radio also helps me gather knowledge on important issues within society and stay informed about the issues in society, given that radio stations discuss current events and issues affecting society. I also use the radio to stay informed about current and upcoming societal events such as political, music, and sports events.


Sterin, J. C., & Winston, T. (2017). Mass media. Mass Media Revolution, 31-60.


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In the textbook, there a number of functions attributed to the Mass Media. In a general sense, the Mass Media entertains us, socializes us, enforces social norms, confers status, and promotes consumption. Think about the types of Mass Media that you regularly consume and provide one example of how these media sources entertain you, socialize you, enforce social norms, confer status, and promote consumption. You can use different media sources for each example as long as they are media sources that you regularly consume.

Mass Media Consumption

Mass Media Consumption

For instance, you can use a magazine that you regularly read to discuss entertainment, you can use a radio program that you regularly listen to in order to discuss how media socializes you, and you can use a commonly visited website to discuss how media confers status in your life. Good luck!
Your initial post and response should be a minimum of 250 words.

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