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Marketing Principles-Magnolia Market

Marketing Principles-Magnolia Market

What is the store layout? What are the benefits of this layout?

Store layouts play a significant role in creating a smooth flow of customers through the store, which is why retailers and store owners should focus on creating the right balance between the smooth and fast flow of customers and providing enough space for the storage of products and the movement of customers. Magnolia Market’s store layout is the free flow layout. The market is spaced out to allow customers to move around as they wish. The store also contains retail atmospherics to promote the purchasing of different products. The market’s display includes the use of colors and art, such as paintbrush hangings and golden pompous grass. This layout does not follow typical design styles and patterns that are commonly used in influencing customer behavior. The aim of this type of layout is to enable the retailer to express a brand through imaginative floor plans and designs. The layout draws a customer’s attention to specialty displays. It is mainly used by niche businesses because it allows flexibility to change whenever there is a need to attract more customers and catch their interest. It is ideal for high-end stores, retail stores, or boutiques that manage low volumes of inventory. It also allows retailers to channel their inner creativity because they can decide where to locate their products. Another advantage of this layout is that it enables retailers to optimize space in buildings that have odd dimensions. It also promotes impulse buying because customers see a variety of products at once. The free-flow layout also enhances the store’s atmosphere and shopping experience because there is ample space to move around looking at different products.


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Using a blank sheet of paper, draw an inspirational sign that describes one of the Magnolia Market displays in the textbook (minimum half page in size).

Marketing Principles-Magnolia Market

Marketing Principles-Magnolia Market

It should include large eye-catching words.

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