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Marketing Expenses versus Rival Firms

Marketing Expenses versus Rival Firms

Apple Inc. is a leading multinational company in the technology sector. Its marketing expenses are compared with two rival firms, as indicated in the table below.

Apple Inc. 2021 Microsoft Inc. 2021 Alphabet Inc. 2021
Selling, general, and administrative expenses $21,973,000 Sales and Marketing expenses $20,117,000 Sales and marketing expenses $22,912,000

Apple Inc.’s marketing expenses are shown in the statement of financial performance and statement of operations in Form-10 K, which was filed with the securities exchange for the year that ended in September 2021. The company does not separate marketing expenses and includes them in the selling, general, and administrative expenses. The marketing expenses of Apple Inc. are compared to that of Microsoft Inc. and Alphabet Inc. As indicated in the table above, Microsoft Inc. incurred sales and marketing expenses of $20,117,000 for the fiscal period that ended in June 2021 (Microsoft, 2021). The amount is part of the operating expenses shown in the company’s income statement. On the part of Alphabet Inc., marketing expenses for the financial period that ended in December 2021 were $22,912,000 (Alphabet Inc., 2021). The figure was obtained from the statement of financial performance under the sales and marketing expenses. The marketing expenses for each company can be used to compare the three competitors.

When comparing Apple Inc. to its competitors based on marketing expenses, Apple Inc. displays a relatively better financial performance for the fiscal period under consideration. When the figures are compared, Microsoft has the lowest value for the expenses incurred concerning marketing operations, while Alphabet Inc. has the highest. However, Apple Inc. is considered to have the best performance because the figure includes general and administrative expenses, which should not be considered marketing expenses. The company could have the lowest marketing expense if the three could be separated.


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Marketing Expenses versus Rival Firms Go to the Investor Relations page on Apple company’s website as well as two of its primary competitor’s websites and download the three form 10Ks for the respective firms.

Marketing Expenses versus Rival Firms

Marketing Expenses versus Rival Firms

Look in the Table of Contents of each Form 10K to find the pages that reveal the three firms’ marketing or advertising expenditures. Prepare a comparative data table to consolidate this information.

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