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Managing Machines-Taylors System

Managing Machines-Taylors System

The ordinary piece-rate system is characterized by constant pressure from the employer and the certainty of reward and punishment based on whether the worker produces the required number of pieces. Taylor’s system focuses on aligning the employer’s and worker’s interests and paying a premium for high efficiency. The system’s main elements include a differential rate system, an elementary rate-fixing segment, and an efficient method for managing workers (Taylor, 2022). One of the benefits of Taylor’s system over the ordinary piece-rate system is that it makes workers feel valued because their interests are considered, thus increasing worker productivity. Secondly, Taylor’s system keeps workers motivated because they are guaranteed to receive a premium price if they are highly efficient. The only flaw in the advantages stated by Taylor is that it may be hard to balance the interests of the workers and employer without compromising the business or organization’s success. For example, paying high salaries to employees may impact the business or organization’s profit margins.

According to Tovmasyan (2017), the role of a manager in the organization includes setting goals, planning and organizing activities, controlling processes, and motivating the workforce. Based on Taylor’s approach to management, one of the main things distinguishing a modern manager from his “old-school” counterpart is how they deal with workers. For example, modern managers focus on cooperation, harmony, and the development of every worker to their greatest efficiency. On the other hand, an “old-school” counterpart focuses on individualism, discord, and specific policies, procedures, and regulations.

Taylor’s methods are still used in modern America in organizations that apply a scientific management approach. For example, Starbucks uses scientific management to increase its workforce’s productivity and maximize efficiency. According to Kimmy (2022), Starbucks’ application of Taylor’s methods includes increasing the time baristas spend interacting with customers to create a good customer experience. The company also emphasizes customer satisfaction to free up more time for the baristas by preventing complaints that could cause delays in customer order processing.


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What were the benefits of Taylor’s system over the ordinary piece-rate system? Do you see any flaws in the advantages he states?

What distinguished a modern manager from his “old-school” counterpart? Explain.

Managing Machines-Taylors System

Managing Machines-Taylors System

Are his methods still used in modern America? Give a reason or examples.

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