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Macro Social Work

Macro Social Work

Macro Social Work


Modern societies are adopting the idea of social work practice, which is incorporated in a community setting. Social personnel in society and entities are affected by various social policies regulating their conduct. Interpreting the dynamics of organizations and communities and the process of developing policies is, therefore, a vital constituent of operational practice with every problem and population with which the occupation is involved. Early practitioners of macro practice focused on reorganizing the connection between meeting essential human needs and generating important political and social change. Measures aimed at combining these goals are vital when they address social issues with thoughtfulness to changes in social demographics and new cultural practices and values that are founded on new ideas from different sources. Defining macro practice is also essential in understanding how it can be applied to improve societies. This essay defines macro practice by considering its different facets and identifying, defining, and applying a theoretical viewpoint relating to or explaining the macro practice.

Defining Macro Practice

According to Netting et al. (2017), macro practice is the professionally directed mediation intended to create change in community, policy, or organizational grounds. Netting et al. (2017) add that macro practice also includes intervention with groups of people, communities, and organizations, and its goal is bringing about organized change in those systems. Macro practice is also defined as a collective type of social work that intends to bring about purposive change. Macro practice is applied to help social workers assist communities in performing the functions of consumption, distribution, and production of intangible and tangible goods, social control, socialization, mutual support, and social participation (Reisch, 2016). Macro social work practice, therefore, includes integrating these practices and pushing the limits of the social work occupation by promoting a broad picture viewpoint, enabling society and social workers to analyze people’s issues on a wide scale and focus on preventing problems. It additionally incorporates the commitment of social work to social change and justice by encouraging structural explanations of systematic disparities and different types of repression that extend past personal adaptation and flexibility.

The theoretical perspective that relates to or explains the macro practice

One of the theoretical perspectives that relate to macro practice is the structural functionalism theory, which is a structure for developing theory that considers society as a multidimensional structure whose parts collaborate to uphold stability and unity. Most of the aspects of the theory are similar to those of other approaches in sociology but with a specific emphasis on interdependence, function, equilibrium, evolutionary change, and consensus. The theory considers social structures as having particular needs and society as a structure of gender, economic, educational, and legal structures (Brennan et al., 2013). The different parts of every society play a significant role in the functioning and operation of the entire system. Goods and services need to be manufactured and circulated to maintain people’s survival. There is also a need for the provision of justice, a political system to govern people, and a family structure providing a means to add population and preserve social life. In the structural functionalism theory, people complete each of the tasks in different roles and institutions that abide by the norms and structures of society (Fisher, 2010). The theory also focuses on explaining the association between various parts of the system to one another and the entire system. These parts often collaborate in an orderly way without misunderstandings. The different parts are usually in equilibrium or headed towards equilibrium in agreement instead of conflict controlling the inter-relationship of other parts.


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Using a wide variety of materials from the modules, begin to synthesize (Links to an external site.) your understanding of the material in response to the prompt for this week. These mini-papers are to get you to really try out these ideas and to practice synthesizing (Links to an external site.) (bringing together) ideas from the materials.

Macro Social Work

Macro Social Work

This will also get you thinking about the upcoming assignments. You’ll get feedback from the instructor on where your thinking, writing, and APA is and where it can go!

Include an introduction, conclusion, and references in APA for each submission. Your submissions should be 2 pages in length (excluding your reference page). You are encouraged to use visuals and outside sources to demonstrate your learning as well.

Before you start your assignment each week, review the rubric.

Define macro practice. Use the Netting, Kettner, McMurtry, & Thomas (2017) definition to ground your work. Bring in the additional sources from the modules to support and contrast that definition. Macro practice is multifaceted and your definition should reflect that. ALSO,
Identify, define, AND apply one theoretical perspective that relates to or explains macro practice.
Successful submissions will include the use of at least 3 references.
Exemplary work is outstanding performance on all or almost all aspects of an assignment. Exemplary work reflects high levels of synthesis and critical analysis, creativity, and/or self-awareness
Developing Competence work suggests that the basic requirements of the assignment are met. Some elements may be of very good quality while others may not be adequately developed.
Insufficient work is below average to poor and does not constitute acceptable work.

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