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Literature Review Part IV- Divorce and Separation

Literature Review Part IV- Divorce and Separation

Article One Summary

Divorce can be very challenging for the parents and the children. Thus, understanding trends in divorce is essential in understanding this phenomenon that affects children. Wagner (2020) conducted a review of the literature that provides a more profound understanding of the trends in divorce. The examination conducted in this paper by Wagner (2020) begins by noting that divorce as an incident has only and always taken an upward trend. This finding in the review is an indicator that this is a phenomenon that attracts attention. The study showed that divorce is increasing because of the decline in the quality of marriages (Wagner, 2020). The other reason that emerged from the study is that divorce is increasing due to lesser or weaker barriers. In other words, people can easily divorce, and that makes it normal. This study has also shown that theories of social change can be used to explain the increase in divorce cases.

Article One Analysis

The findings in this review are applicable when seeking divorce solutions. Since the study examines the effects of divorce and separation on children, this literature can be used in the solution and recommendation section of the literature. This review is full of information on the causes of divorce. This information can be used effectively to support some of the recommendations toward the end of the research. The only limitation of this study is that it has employed a literature review research method. Hence, it does not intensely critique the information collected. It is also likely to summarize and fail to evaluate the information gathered. It also does not give more details about the sources of the information, making it challenging to identify the limitations of each source used.

Article Two Summary

At the time of divorce, economic issues emerge between the parents. In some cases, during the separation, one parent with more economic income leaves the other, causing economic challenges within the family. Two things that the researcher in this article identifies is that during marriage dissolution, women are mainly the greatest losers economically (Mortelmans, 2020). The researcher also argues that men may not lose much during separation, but there are still significant financial losses. These financial losses have an impact on the children as they are losses that are likely to affect the child’s lifestyle. For instance, the separation between the parents may mean a child will live with their mother (Mortelmans, 2020). Therefore, if the child lives with a parent with a lower income, then the children will have to live differently. The study has also mentioned that in cases where divorce causes severe economic challenges, the children may be forced to change schools, and such issues and changes may be challenging.

Article Two Analysis

This article has offered a detailed explanation of the economic impact of divorce. Unlike the other studies, this study has looked at the effects of divorce from a different angle. In most of the earlier studies, the implications of divorce focused on the mental products and other challenges in the children. Though this study does not directly target children, it reveals the economic difficulties that emerge during divorce and how they affect children. The study gives a detailed analysis of the financial issues that prevail during separation. It then looks at the effects of these issues on the lifestyle and other factors surrounding the family, especially children. While this study is valuable, and its information can be used to support ideas in this research, its limitation is that it depends only on literature and does not rely on any scientific research method. The article offers an analysis of information from other sources so that no conclusive findings can be used on the targeted population. This is the gap that the research will try to fill.


Mortelmans, D. (2020). Economic consequences of divorce: A review. Life Course Research and Social Policies, 23-41.

Wagner, M. (2020). On increasing divorce risks. European Studies of Population, 21, p. 37-61.


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Literature Review Part IV
Final Project: Creating the Literature Review Section

This week, you will develop Part 4 of the Literature Review section. While developing Part 4, use the following guidelines:

Literature Review Part IV- Divorce and Separation

Literature Review Part IV- Divorce and Separation

Find at least two articles on the selected topic using the South University Online Library databases (EBSCOhost or ProQuest). Your textbook, Wikipedia, or any other Web source will not be accepted for this assignment.
Write a short summary (one to two paragraphs) for each article.
Write a brief analysis (one to two paragraphs) for each article and relate each analysis to your course and text readings.

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