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Legislation Testimony/Advocacy Statement

Legislation Testimony/Advocacy Statement

I support the S.287- 117th Congress (2021-2022) bill, which promotes diversity and encourages a multidisciplinary approach to providing maternal health care. This bill will ensure that all women receive holistic perinatal care services and increase their satisfaction. It will also ensure that people from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds are recruited and retained in the workforce. Furthermore, it will increase expertise (both skills and knowledge) by ensuring midwives and other healthcare providers are recruited.

The opposers of the bill should know the critical facts concerning maternal care service provision. Studies have demonstrated that maternal care faces challenges such as a lack of skilled personnel, diminished utilization of maternal services, and staff shortages (Sahoo et al., 2021). The bill will increase qualified personnel and address shortages by increasing training and diversifying the workforce. The advocacy for a holistic nursing approach that focuses on the patient can help to avert the problem of diminished utilization (Frisch & Rabinowitsch, 2019). Personnel discharging maternal care services should uphold cultural humility and respect patients’ perspectives, beliefs, and preferences. A diverse workforce will most likely have an intricate understanding of a specific patient (Harris et al., 2021). The bill proposes a respectful and individualized service delivery to people seeking maternal health care.

A multidisciplinary approach to nursing care is beneficial to the patient and staff. It enables the enhancement of ideas and skills. This provides a learning opportunity and increases the quality of services delivered to the patient (Devik et al., 2018). Furthermore, it promotes cohesion and respect for other people’s opinions. Subsequently, this is essential for interaction with colleagues and patients because it upholds respectfulness (Torrens et al., 2020). In this context, the bill advocates for incorporating qualified midwives and perinatal healthcare providers into the workforce. This multidisciplinary approach will ensure that the best clinical decisions are made during service delivery.


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Select a bill that has been proposed (not one that has been enacted) using the congressional websites provided in the Learning Resources.
The Assignment: (1- to 2-page Legislation Grid; 1-page Legislation Testimony/Advocacy Statement)

Legislation Testimony Advocacy Statement

Legislation Testimony Advocacy Statement

Be sure to add a title page, an introduction, a purpose statement, and a conclusion. This is an APA paper.

Part 1: Legislation Grid

Based on the health-related bill (proposed, not enacted) you selected, complete the Legislation Grid Template. Be sure to address the following:

Determine the legislative intent of the account you have reviewed.
Identify the proponents/opponents of the bill.
Identify the target populations addressed by the bill.
Where in the process is the bill currently? Is it in hearings or committees?
Part 2: Legislation Testimony/Advocacy Statement

Based on the health-related bill you selected, develop a 1-page Legislation Testimony/Advocacy Statement that addresses the following:

Advocate a position for the bill you selected and write testimony supporting your work.
Describe how you would address the opponent to your position. Be specific and provide examples.
At least two outside resources and 2-3 course-specific resources are used.

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