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Learning Theory-The Constructivism Learning Theory

Learning Theory-The Constructivism Learning Theory

Young learners are very keen on learning from what they have observed in the environment and based on this week’s readings, the constructivism learning theory is the most applicable theory in my field of study. This theory, as already mentioned, holds that learners are capable of creating their learning through using their previous experiences (Ormrod & Jones, 2018). As such, they connect their previous knowledge and experiences to the knowledge they are taking in at that moment. Moreover, when this theory is applied, one must remember that it considers learning an active personal process. This explanation means that what the child is learning is important at every stage of life (Ormrod & Jones, 2018). The best example of my life experience when I applied this theory is when I was teaching mathematics. For instance, it is easier for learners to understand when I use real-life experiences to teach addition. As I can tell the class, Mary bought 3 candies and gave them to Andre, who had 5 candies. These children have the experience of buying candies and sharing or putting them together. Therefore, the learner uses these experiences of buying candy to construct learning when taught to add, divide, or subtract. Therefore, for this learning method, the most important thing is to have the learner recollect previous information that they have stored. Since it is clear that children learn constructively, everything a child is learning at every level of their life is very important. Moreover, as a teacher, I believe that what the child is taking in at a young age helps them learn and also helps them construct answers to the things within their surroundings. Constructivism learning theory will thus demand that the teacher should have an understanding of what the child knows before imparting new knowledge.


Ormrod, J. E., & Jones, B. D. (2018). Essentials of educational psychology: Big ideas to guide effective teaching. Pearson.


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Based on your readings this week, which learning theory do you consider most applicable to your program of study?

Learning Theory-The Constructivism Learning Theory

Learning Theory-The Constructivism Learning Theory

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