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Leadership Reflection

Leadership Reflection

Integrate Leadership and Management Principles and Attributes in Nursing Practice.

This course was interesting for me since I am passionate about leadership and nursing management. I read all the coursework and materials provided to me by the instructor. In addition to this, I completed all my assignments on time. The main knowledge that I learned in this class was how to use DECIDE mode in decision-making. This model involves defining the problem, establishing the criteria, considering the alternative, identifying the best alternative, developing and implementing an action plan, and evaluating the action plan (Guo, 2020). In my nursing practice, I will use this model in all my decision-making processes.

Use Evidence-Based Practice to Guide Clinical Reasoning and Clinical Judgement as a Basis for Nursing Decision Making.

In this module, I learned about the importance of incorporating evidence-based practice into nursing science. I completed an assignment that required me to describe how to promote and sustain evidence-based practice in my nursing facility. Evidence-based practice involves integrating research evidence, patient preferences, and clinical reasoning to solve nursing problems and promote patient-centered care (Reid et al., 2017). I have learned how evidence-based practice is essential in ensuring nurses implement current care plans to ensure the safety and quality of healthcare services provided. This knowledge will help me in my future practice since I will be at the forefront of ensuring nurses in my unit incorporate evidence-based practice into nursing care.

Collaborate in Healthcare Delivery Systems Settings for Improved Patient Outcomes.

Interprofessional collaboration in the healthcare system is important in healthcare. Interprofessional collaboration is defined as healthcare professionals working together in complementary roles and shared responsibilities to deliver healthcare services (Emich, 2018). In this module, I have learned the benefits of interprofessional collaborations for patients. Teamwork is important in healthcare since it allows for the pooling of ideas to implement patient-centered care plans. I have learned that communication is essential in an interprofessional team. Using this knowledge, I will be a team player who promotes professional communication in healthcare settings.

Demonstrate Principles of Professional Identity and Professionalism for the Nurse Within The Context of Regulatory and Practice Standards

In this module, I tackled an assignment that required me to identify a current issue identified by the State Nursing Boards. By completing this assignment, I learned about the role of the State Nursing Boards in the nursing profession. The main roles of State Nursing Boards are the evaluation of license applications, issuing practice licenses, renewing licenses, and disciplinary actions against professional misconduct (Huynh & Haddad, 2020). I have learned that nursing boards are involved in the disciplinary actions of nurses in the respective states. I will be aware of this fact in my future practice and practice within my scope of practice to ensure I do not face disciplinary actions or any lawsuits.

Analyze Agencies that Influence the Provision of Nursing Care in the Healthcare System.

In this assignment, I did an assignment on the role of nursing in disaster planning. I discussed the various stakeholders that will be involved in disaster management. This assignment was beneficial to me since I learned of the important role that nurses can play in disaster management. Nurses can assess the population at risk during disasters and implement care plans for these populations (Al Harthi et al., 2020). I will be at the forefront of disasters and collaborate with relevant agencies to respond to any disaster using this knowledge.

Formulate Decisions Based on the Legal and Ethical Underpinnings that Improve Healthcare

In this module, I handled different scenarios that can pose different ethical and legal challenges to a nurse manager. I learned that a nurse manager must use ethical principles when making decisions in healthcare (Pietilä et al., 2019). I will use this knowledge to be an ethical nurse guided by ethical principles when making any clinical decision.


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Course Reflection

As you reflect on this course, answer the following questions in your discussion.

Describe how you achieved each of the course competencies.

Leadership Reflection

Leadership Reflection

Initial Post

Provide at least one example of new knowledge gained related to each competency and explain how this new knowledge will impact your nursing practice.


Integrate leadership and management principles and attributes in nursing practice.
Use evidence-based practice to guide clinical reasoning and clinical judgment as a basis for nursing decision-making.
Collaborate in healthcare delivery systems settings for improved patient outcomes.
Demonstrate principles of professional identity and professionalism for the nurse within the context of regulatory and practice standards.
Analyze agencies that influence the provision of nursing care in the healthcare system.
Formulate decisions based on the legal and ethical underpinnings that improve healthcare.
Reply Post

Respond to at least one of your peers. Expand on your peer’s ideas.


“Expand on your peer’s ideas” needs more than 1 – 2 sentences for an acceptable reply.
If you refer to a website or article, be sure to cite it in APA format. This prevents plagiarism and allows your fellow students to review the cites and increase the class knowledge base.

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