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Leadership Reflection – Servant leadership

Leadership Reflection – Servant leadership

An Area of my Work I have Identified as a Place Where I Could Execute more Effectively

In my work at Druid City Hospital, I have identified the need to execute more effectively in servant leadership. Servant leadership is a leadership concept in which the leader’s main objective is to serve others (Meuser & Smallfield, 2022). However, I discovered that I lose focus on serving others as I become overwhelmed by my job’s daily responsibilities and demands. Therefore, I need to catch up on the needs of my team and the patients we serve instead of focusing solely on my own objectives and desires. For instance, this happens at departmental meetings. I frequently lead these meetings, often dominating the conversation and directing it toward my agenda. Even though I have good intentions in wanting to guarantee that important topics are discussed, and decisions are made, I now realize that my actions do not conform to the ideals of servant leadership. My interactions with my team members are another area where I could practice servant leadership more successfully. Being task- and result-oriented can occasionally lead to ignoring other team members’ welfare and professional growth.

Subsequently, I have created an action plan to address this area for improvement. First, I will listen more attentively during departmental meetings and promote involvement. I’ll establish a welcoming and safe environment for everyone to express their views and opinions. I’ll also give my team members more authority to take charge and offer their perspectives. Additionally, I’ll set up regular one-on-one meetings with each team member to learn about their professional and personal objectives and discuss how I can help them succeed. Furthermore, I’ll ask them for comments about their interactions with me at work and be receptive to criticism to grow as a leader. In addition, I’ll put time and money into courses and programs for developing leaders who emphasize servant leadership and real leadership. Thanks to these resources, I will acquire the knowledge and abilities required to lead and serve others effectively. Overall, I’m devoted to exercising servant leadership more skillfully as I understand the value of prioritizing the needs of others and establishing a work atmosphere that promotes cooperation, development, and well-being.

What I Learned in the Course that Would Help Me Be Successful in Leadership

I’ve learned from this course that sincerity and adaptability are necessary for successful leadership in the health sector. To lead with integrity and win the confidence of team members and stakeholders, one must be honest to themselves and have a thorough grasp of their values, strengths, and weaknesses (Heiss, 2023). Additionally, I’ve realized how crucial flexibility and adaptability are in challenging and constantly changing circumstances. Compelling leaders must be able to negotiate uncertainty, accept various viewpoints, and continually learn and develop.

The course also strongly emphasized the value of servant leadership, moral decision-making, and productive teamwork. I can create a supportive and empowering workplace where people can thrive and realize their full potential by focusing on helping others and putting their needs first. Additionally, I can encourage trust and create an environment of integrity by setting an example of ethical behavior and making wise choices based on beliefs and principles. Finally, the course has emphasized the value of teamwork and the strength that comes from having a variety of viewpoints and ideas. I may use my team’s collective knowledge and creativity to inspire innovation and help the team reach its objectives by promoting meaningful cooperation.


Heiss, K. (2023). Introduction to leadership. In Google Books. Kenneth Heiss.

Meuser, J. D., & Smallfield, J. (2022). Servant leadership: The missing community component. Business Horizons, 66(2).


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Leadership Reflection - Servant leadership

Leadership Reflection – Servant leadership

Demonstrate personal self-awareness in the context of authentic leadership.


Reflect on the following in a minimum of 500 words:

  • Describe an area of your work or life that you have identified as a place where you could execute more effectively.
  • What have you learned in the course that would help you be successful in leadership?

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