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Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management

According to Lüscher (2018), leadership includes influencing an organized group’s activities to set specific goals or accomplish them. Management is the process of organizing, planning, controlling, and activating formally organized groups to achieve specific goals. The main difference between leadership and management is that leadership entails setting a vision, whereas management includes following a vision. Leaders focus on ensuring that their followers understand the goals and objectives of an organization to create a sense of direction. Consequently, managers focus on ensuring the behaviour of their subordinates aligns with the organization’s vision. Leadership can either be assigned or emergent. Assigned leadership is the leadership that emerges from being given a formal leadership role. On the other hand, emergent leadership arises from the voluntary assumption of leadership responsibility (Alvehus, 2018). The main difference between emergent and assigned leadership is that emergent leadership includes voluntarily assuming leadership roles before being formally given a leadership title. In contrast, assigned leadership begins when an individual is officially given a leadership title.

A person can be a leader without being a manager because leadership does not include managerial roles. For example, Barack Obama stands out as a leader because of his ability to use transformational leadership to realize a specific vision. He focused on setting a vision and communicating it to his administration without engaging in any managerial roles, thus demonstrating that a person can be a leader without being a manager. However, a manager cannot be a manager without being a leader because managers require specific leadership traits to manage people and resources effectively. For example, Eron Company filed for bankruptcy at the end of 2001 despite recording a revenue of $100 billion at the beginning of the year. The bankruptcy was attributed to poor management because the executive managers lacked important leadership traits such as integrity, accountability, and a sense of responsibility (Pugh, 2022). They took advantage of the loopholes in the company’s accounting system to hide the debt incurred from failed projects.


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Describe the difference between leadership and management, including the difference between assigned leadership and emergent leadership.

Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management

Can you be a leader without being a manager or a manager without being a leader? Explain using real-world scenarios.

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