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Law Enforcement Structure in the United States

Law Enforcement Structure in the United States

The state law enforcement agencies are made up of sheriffs, their deputies, and district attorneys. They are elected by county voters and often have a responsibility to patrol the areas of the state, its unpoliced and unincorporated municipalities as well as the federal routes (Taylor, 2007). At times they enforce state, local, and federal laws. Federal law enforcement, on the other hand, implements policies and laws that are established at the government’s highest level. They include the FBI, and DEA, among others. Often, federal prosecutors coordinate the agents’ efforts from various agencies at once to not only build cases but also to prosecute federal crimes. Do you need urgent assignment help ? Get in touch with us at

Major organizations that constitute the Department of Justice include; the Drug Enforcement Administration which prevents illegal narcotics distribution in the country.  Federal Bureau of Investigation which is responsible for upholding and enforcing the country’s criminal laws.  Bureau of Prisons (National Institute of Corrections) confines criminals in environments that are controlled; community-based facilities and prisons. Finally, the National Security Division which is responsible for combating any threats to national security such as terrorism (Spaulding, 2010). An instance that can utilize all of these organizations is the operations of international drug trafficking where both police and civilians are at risk of being killed by traffickers.


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Spaulding, N. W. (2010). Independence and Experimentalism in the Department of Justice. Stan. L. Rev.63, 409.


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Law Enforcement Structure in the United States

Law Enforcement Structure in the United States

Please respond to the following:

Examine the key differences between the organization of federal and state law enforcement agencies. Then, identify the four major organizations that compose the Department of Justice and compare and contrast their primary functions. Provide one example of a situation or scenario in which each of the four organizations would be utilized.

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