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Justice and Forgiveness

Justice and Forgiveness

Sample Answer 

Justice and Forgiveness

Name and explain the different types of justice   

There are four main types of justice, and these are distributive, retributive, restorative, and procedural. Distributive justice aims at the equal distribution of resources, and retributive aims at handing out punishment in equal measure to an offender. Restorative involves victims in finding solutions that are just without removing the offender from society, while procedural justice involves a process that deals with conflict or the possibility of conflict.

According to Worthington, why is it so difficult to achieve social justice?

Attaining social justice is difficult because man is innately selfish. A man may forgive but refuses to forget an offense meted toward them. A person will tend to remember the transgression others have done to them and hope they get punished. When an offender is punished for their wrong, the offended person may feel a sense of justice served; the injustice gap is narrowed. So, without punishment, justice will be deemed not to have been served despite the offender’s remorse toward the wrongdoing.

Explain Decisional and Emotional Forgiveness.

Decisional forgiveness involves engaging our behavior and intentions when we forgive a person. Emotional forgiveness involves consciously replacing negative emotions with positive, forgiving emotions.

How does Justice relate to Reconciliation?           

Justice relates to reconciliation because of the injustice gap. When a person forgives another for wronging them, the injustice gap is narrowed or closed. When justice is served for an offense, the injustice gap may narrow, but the offended party should also be willing to forgive. Getting justice for a wrong done to someone does not necessarily mean that the offended person automatically forgives the offender.

After reviewing and reflecting the powerpoint WHAT IS CONFLICT? found in the Module 2, identify a conflict you are aware of and name what you think is its main cause.      

A conflict is a disagreement between two or more persons where the involved parties perceive that their concerns for themselves and loved ones, interests, and needs are under threat. One example of a conflict is intrapersonal conflict, where a person tries to fit in with their peers even when the environment or situation is at loggerheads with their personal beliefs. For example, a person may want to create and maintain friendships with their workmates and therefore join them for drinks after work hours to avoid being anti-social. Such a person may opt to make their peers happy while, in actual sense, they would prefer to get home as soon as they leave the office and spend some quiet time alone. The conflict, in this case, is within oneself, and the threat is on personal time and space.


Worthington Jr, E. L. (2009). A Just Forgiveness: Responsible Healing Without Excusing Injustice: Bridges to wholeness and hope. InterVarsity Press


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Week Two: Justice and Forgiveness

Read Chapters 3 & 4

Justice and Forgiveness

Justice and Forgiveness

  1. Name and explain the different types of Justice
  2. According to Worthington, why is it so difficult to achieve social justice?
  3. Explain Decisional and Emotional Forgiveness.
  4. How does Justice relate to Reconciliation?
  5. After reviewing and reflecting the PowerPoint WHAT IS CONFLICT? found in the Module 2, identify a conflict you are aware of and name what you think is its main cause.

Book: A Just Forgiveness: Responsible Healing Without Excusing Injustice by Everett l. Worthington jr.


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