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Journal – Verbal Communication

Journal – Verbal Communication

Based on the content covered so far, one of the most significant things I have learned about verbal communication is just how much it is affected by culture. Culture affects communication in various ways, including how individuals interpret a message, what communication is considered appropriate, the kind of language used, and how people tend to communicate with each other (Hamilton, 2016). Among these, I find that the interpretation of the message is most important because words are just symbols that people use to represent their thoughts, ideas, and emotions. As a result, with differing interpretations of a word, there is a huge risk of miscommunication or even conflict when a word not viewed as offensive in one culture is viewed as such in another. With the ever-growing diversity of people in our communities, it is crucial that these differences in message interpretation be explored so that diverse populations understand and coexist in harmony. For these reasons, I have also made it my goal always to be keen and not jump to conclusions when talking to people from different cultures because our cultural differences will affect how we communicate.

In addition, by learning more about how culture affects my communication, I will be equipped to communicate effectively with almost anyone I meet. For example, when talking to a person from a high-context culture, I now know that the conversation will involve them giving almost all the details of a story. Notably, this is in contrast when talking to someone from a low-context culture because they only give specifics, which would require me to ask many questions to get all the information I need.


Hamilton, C. M. (2016). Communicating for success. Routledge.


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Journal - Verbal Communication

Journal – Verbal Communication

In at least 200 words, please respond to the following:
This week, you will have a Journal that asks you to address the content for the unit. Your reflection and writing will help with your understanding of the content covered.

In at least 200 words, please respond to the following:

What was the most significant thing you took away from the topic of verbal language this week?
How will this help you to be more aware about people’s verbal communication in the future?
Explain your reasoning by including at least one example.

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