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Journal – Listening Skills

Journal – Listening Skills

Some memory tips that can help improve a person’s listening skills include preparing to listen. Preparing to listen means eliminating the source of psychological noise or putting other thoughts on pause (Hamilton, 2016). Thinking of something else while having a conversation tunes one out listening, and they end up missing what was being said. The second memory tip is personalizing the information while listening. One way to ensure one remembers something said to them is to make it relevant to their experience by personalizing it. Personalizing a message helps one become a better listener by being empathetic. In my everyday life, being an effective listener has not only helped me engage, understand, connect, and empathize with other people but has also helped me grow as a person. Being an effective listener has been fundamental in building successful personal and professional relationships.

Understanding the basic stages of listening makes the process of listening easier. The first stage of listening, the attendance stage, helps focus on what is being said and out all kinds of distractions (Hamilton, 2016). The second stage, the understanding stage, helps one to organize the information in a way they comprehend. This stage also helps one take into account all the different meanings behind a message and different factors that could interfere with them understanding the message correctly, for example, their attitude towards the speaker. The third stage is the responding stage, and the last stage is remembering (Hamilton, 2016). Learning about these stages can teach a person how to be an effective listener. They are all progressive stages that guide a person from one point to another during a conversation, ensuring that one listens to the speaker attentively.


Hamilton, C. M. (2016). Communicating for success. Routledge


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Journal - Listening Skills

Journal – Listening Skills

This week, you will have a Journal that asks you to address the content for the unit. Your reflection and writing will help with your understanding of the content covered.

In at least 200 words, please respond to the following:

What are some memory tips that you can use to improve your listening skills?
What benefits does listening offer in your everyday life?
Explain why the listening process is easier when you understand the basic stages of listening.

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