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Iran’s Involvement in Global Terrorism

Iran’s Involvement in Global Terrorism

Though there exist various controversies, the Iranian government has been associated with the sponsorship of global terrorism. Prominent allegations about Iran’s support for worldwide terrorism include the fact that violent groups like Hezbollah and Hamas get their financial and military resources from the Iranian government. Iran’s involvement in state-sponsored terrorism is also proved by its involvement and support of clandestine attacks against designated states like Israel and those of the West and their interests (Malakoutikhah, 2018).

In 1984, the U.S. designated Iran as a sponsor of terrorism after the U.S. embassy was invaded in 1979. Further, other powerful countries sanctioned Iran to weaken its support for designated terrorist groups after its involvement in terrorist attacks in Beirut in 1983, Buenos Aries in 1982, and the bombing of Khobar Towers in 1983. Consequently, the relationship between the United States and Iran deteriorated. Additionally, Iran blames Israel and the United States for the Middle East’s unstable state, which explains why Iran targets them and their allies through clandestine attacks.

In addition to Hezbollah and Hamas, Iran also supports Palestine groups, including the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad which aim to fight Israel. Iran provides annual funds for weapons and the establishment of training facilities for Palestinians that cost about £50 million. This has been evident since 2002 when a vessel full of ammunition being transferred to the Palestinian Authority was seized by Israeli Authorities.

Moreover, Iran’s operations are sometimes achieved alongside the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods (IRGC-Qods) Force. These Forces purveyor terror globally to promote the Islamic Revolution. As such, since the downfall of Iran’s Shah, Iranian-sponsored clandestine attacks against American allies have been consistently conducted by the IRGC, with the Al-Quds Force being the driving force behind these attacks (Wigginton et al., 2015).

In conclusion, Iran is involved in global terrorism through its involvement in clandestine attacks by groups like Hezbollah and Hamas and through the provision of financial and military resources to such violent groups. Therefore, it will take international cooperation to combat global terrorism effectively.


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Analyze Iran’s involvement in sponsoring global terrorism.

Iran's Involvement in Global Terrorism

Iran’s Involvement in Global Terrorism

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