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Introduction to Scholarly and Technical Writing

Introduction to Scholarly and Technical Writing

The three chosen sources have some significant differences and similarities. The main differences are related to the manner of presenting the information. The study article and organizational publication use a similar manner of presentation. The two sources use a similar format that includes an abstract before the actual information (Smith, 2006). This detailed presentation provides the audience with vast information on the topic (Afifi, Mota, & Dasiewicz, 2012). However, the blog article is a simple presentation that summarizes information from other sources. As such, it does not include a reference list or in-text citations as the other two documents do. In addition, the blog article does not include a date, which reduces its validity (First 5 California, n.d).

The differences signify various elements. First, the organizational and research articles have exerted effort to come up with the document. Theirs is not simple reliance on other sources of information but an in-depth analysis. Similarly, the resources that have been directed to the effort vary. The blog article utilizes the least resources because of primary reliance on findings from other sources.

Nevertheless, the three articles have a similar conclusion. They all conclude that physical punishment is not beneficial to children and may lead to mental issues (First 5 California, n.d; Smith, 2006). The use of physical punishment only worsens the relationship between patients and children as well as interferes with their cognition (Afifi, Mota, & Dasiewicz, 2012). As the articles explain, such punishment can lead to more aggression among children. The similarity is a sign of exhaustive research on the topic. The available resources confirm that physical punishment is not ideal because the researchers have conducted experiments to confirm the same. The similarity of findings confirms that parents and teachers should adopt more positive methods of punishing children as opposed to physical punishment. Policies that are related to child welfare should also be enforced the same.


Afifi, T. O., Mota, N., & Dasiewicz, P. (2012). Physical Punishment and Mental Disorders: Results From a Nationally Representative US Sample. Pediatrics, 130(2), 184-192. doi:10.1542/peds.2011-2947

First 5 California. (n.d). Negative effects of physical punishment techniques. Retrieved from First 5 California:

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The topic of interest – What is the effect of physical punishment on a child’s mental health?

Last week, you saw the relevance of the audience with regard to writing and tone. This week, we will expand upon this by exploring the importance and relevance of overall purpose. As we have seen, the purpose is as closely connected to the audience as the audience is connected with tone and style.

Introduction to Scholarly and Technical Writing

Introduction to Scholarly and Technical Writing

For this week’s discussion, you will need to find a blog, a piece of writing on an organization’s website, and a research article that all addresses the topic of your choice. After reviewing these different resources, you are to analyze the correlation between the tone, style, and purpose. What differences did you notice across the three resources? What did these differences signify? Were there any similarities across the resources? What were these similarities? Why would there be similarities across the resources?

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