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Intervention Strategies-Autism Case Study – Maggie McDonough

Intervention Strategies-Autism Case Study – Maggie McDonough

Autism spectrum disorders are developmental disabilities characterized by repetitive patterns of behavior, activities, or interests and problems in social interactions. The case presented is an autism case. Intervention strategies utilized in the case include traditional speech therapy and integrated learning systems (ILS) therapy. Traditional speech therapy in the management of autism spectrum disorders utilizes several interventions, such as imitation, repetition, and modeling, to ameliorate communication difficulties in children (Farquharson & Tambyraja, 2022). Their effectiveness is, however, varied. The child in the case did not benefit considerably from this therapy prompting the shift to ILS therapy. ILS is a form of sound therapy that integrates sensory input by utilizing specific vibrations of sound frequencies to improve neurophysiologic foundations. In this program, the child often uses headphones or earphones to listen to these sounds. The child in the case benefited considerably from this therapy.

Other interventions that may be helpful to the patient in the clinical case provided include environmental therapy and medications. Environmental therapy provides sensory enrichment that can improve symptoms of autism. This therapy can complement sensory experiences provided by traditional speech therapy and ILS therapy. Several medications maintain effectiveness in alleviating autistic symptoms. Antipsychotic medications are used to alleviate the repetitive behavioral patterns and aggression seen in autistic patients. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) also maintain effectiveness in managing problematic behaviors seen in the disease (Rujeedawa & Zaman, 2022). Behavioral therapy that focuses on self-care, re-learn and social skills can also improve interactive aspects of the child in the case.


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Unit 5 Discussion:340. Intervention Strategies

Before participating in this week’s discussion, be sure to have watched the following video:

Intervention Strategies-Autism Case Study - Maggie McDonough

Intervention Strategies-Autism Case Study – Maggie McDonough

Autism Case Study – Maggie McDonough (short version)

. (2016, March 8). YouTube.

What is UNYTE-ILS?

Please respond to the following:

Discuss what intervention strategies you observe being used in the video clip.
After viewing the video, discuss what additions or other intervention strategies you might make to what you viewed in the video.

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