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Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication

Communication is an essential managerial tool that significantly enhances employee interaction and overall organizational success. Managers use oral, written, and digital communication skills to influence workers to align their role performance to achieve the set vision and objectives of a company (Openstax, 2019). Further, through appropriate communication channels, managers resolve employee grievances timely to increase their job engagement and involvement. Moreover, through communication, managers become change champions for organizational staff to implement, hence the importance of the tool in sustaining a company in the long run. Furthermore, managers use communication during meetings with other firm executives to check if the set business strategic plans have been met and assess the need for improvement. Therefore, overall, communication is an effective tool that helps managers influence workers to execute their responsibilities in a manner that actualizes the strategic agendas of a business.

If managers do not have good communication skills, such as active listening, they promote low levels of job motivation and employee engagement. Uncomfortable workers approaching their managers do not escalate the challenges they experience when executing their roles on time (Odine, 2015). Consequently, an organization’s internal operations are affected significantly, and if this effect is severe, it may cause the firm to compensate clients using vast sums of funds for caused damages. For instance, if an employee assigned to manage social media complaints is pressured consistently by one client and then responds angrily, the worker damages the company’s reputation. The customer may also feel offended and sue the organization for being mishandled. Yet, this issue would have been resolved if managers encouraged open and honest communication as part of organizational culture. Therefore, poor managerial communication skills are detrimental to a company’s success.


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Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication

In 2-3 paragraphs, respond to the following. Your initial post should be substantive and be supported by course concepts. Read and respectfully reply to your classmates’ posts to create dialogue and further learning.
In the context of the Unit/Module 6 course chapters, identify how interpersonal communication is an essential skill that helps make managers effective. Describe how good communication or a lack of it may impact employees.

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