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Interesting research topics in midwifery

Research topics in midwifery

Finding fascinating research topics in midwifery tends to be a daunting job for students in nursing schools. To overcome the issue, this article on research topics in midwifery will be your academic associate. It’ll offer you all the appropriate information in choosing midwifery research ideas, how to begin writing the research paper, and several remarkable topics to select from.

As a student in midwifery, you’ll be needed to write the paper. Although research papers are a compulsory task, you must complete this task if you want to chase after midwifery as a job. Before commencing the research paper, select an ideal topic that is interesting and talk about it in detail. This process challenge is finding captivating research topics in midwifery. All students must’ve got this paper writing step clear understanding. So, let’s begin with the midwifery basics. Hire our nursing assignment help today and you’ll be assured of a top-notch paper delivered to you on time.

Midwifery Research Definition

It refers to the specialized study area that concentrates on the understanding and exploration of matters associated with childbirth and midwifery. It spans various topics like neonatal care, prenatal care, childbirth, and postnatal care amongst others.

Project topics for midwifery students

Use these midwifery students project topics for your research topics in midwifery assignment writing;

  1. Children malnutrition prevention
  2. Birth
  3. Midwife
  4. Infertility
  5. Postpartum regimen exercise
  6. Pregnancy
  7. Midwifery care
  8. Practices modern infant
  9. Health promotion
  10. Breastfeeding
  11. Perinatal depression management
  12. Midwifery
  13. Contraception
  14. Mental disorder
  15. Youth suicide cause
  16. Neonatal care
  17. Maternal health
  18. Organizational culture of healthcare
  19. Postpartum care

Midwifery research topics

Nursing midwifery involves looking after women after and during pregnancy. These research topics in midwifery will are ideal for your paper;

  • Teenager childbirth experience
  • Advanced maternal age risks
  • Postpartum depression treatment
  • Positive Experiences of Birth Case Studies
  • Non-chemical management of pain
  • Post-natal and pre-care father engagement ways
  • Birth mental disorders treatment
  • Pregnancy-induced hypertension treatment
  • After birth delayed clamping of the umbilical cord impacts
  • Pregnant women perinatal care importance analysis
  • Birth experience birth plan Effects
  • Caesarian section prolonged impact and risks

What is an example of a research topic in midwifery?

Neonatal care midwifery research is a progressive midwifery research area, and experts are continually endeavoring for newborn health better understanding, care standards, and overall neonatal outcomes improvement. This area of research often examines important neonatal issues of health like neonatal mortality, premature birth, low weight of birth, and neonatal infections. For example, studies might examine the premature infants’ kangaroo care effectiveness or the breastfeeding impact in avoiding neonatal infections.

What are the 5 pillars of midwifery?

Include these five midwifery pillars in your discussion paper;

1.      Education

All professions have their knowledge body, and midwives possess knowledge not possessed by all the other professional groups. There is, definitely, plenty of health professional knowledge, but that knowledge developing and applying context differs between experts. For instance, every health professional shares the body physiology knowledge. While the knowledge does not change because you are a midwife, the knowledge application way does, since a midwife works with the body of a woman through specialized pregnancy lenses, childbirth, reproductive and sexual health, or postnatal.

To back up its knowledge body, the profession of midwifery has its system of education, for which the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) sets standards globally and where the essential competencies of ICM are embedded.

2.      Regulation

All professions have their regulation systems to hold those professions accountable while ensuring the safety of public and allowing their autonomy. Functions of midwifery regulation comprise setting the midwifery practice scope, setting standards on pre-service education, relicensing and ensuring continual competence during the career of a midwife, new midwives registration, disciplinary and managing complaints procedures within the career, and setting ethical standards and conduct codes.

Regulation is varied across ranges and jurisdictions from restricted functionality all through to a regulatory activity taken by a specific midwifery regulatory authority like the Midwifery Council full range.

3.      Association

Another important midwifery profession element is the professional association’s existence. ICM works to represent, support, and strengthen midwife professional associations across the globe. There currently exist over one hundred- and forty-Member Associations, embodying above one hundred and twenty countries across all continents and over 1 million midwives worldwide.

ICM provides decision-making and communication mechanisms between and with members and is governed by the Council of ICM as the worldwide midwifery voice. Associations play an important role in supporting and connecting midwives by allowing sole midwives to collaborate in a collective state with others operating in their nations and elsewhere across the globe.

4.      Essential Midwifery Competencies

Every midwife requires midwifery practice essential competencies set. In 2019, the International Confederation of Midwives updated and reviewed its midwifery practice essential competencies. The competencies are divided into four categories: antenatal and pre-pregnancy, birth and labor care, competencies that are relevant across the whole childbirth continuum, and ongoing newborn and women care. The essential midwifery practice competencies are integrated with all other professional framework elements. They mirror the philosophy of midwifery and care approach continuity to the practice of midwifery.

The vital midwifery practice competencies must be advanced in the course of education programs on pre-service midwifery and midwives must maintain competence via ongoing practice experience and professional development. Continual competence tends to be an essential concept that ensures outstanding midwifery care

5.      Research on Midwifery

Evidence and research are essential to propel the profession of midwifery forward. Recently, the reproductive health and midwifery literature body has expanded significantly. Specifically, research has exhibited the outcomes vast distinction between midwife-led care continuity– where a midwife or several midwives leads the care of a woman throughout the continuum of childbirth – and more ‘traditional’ models of midwifery where women get care from various midwives and various other professionals of health in a disintegrated process.

Midwifery is a career informed by evidence research and the International Confederation of Midwives works to back up evidence-informed care approaches, midwife-led research, and to make sure that evidence is easily accessible and available to all midwives and Midwifery Associations.

 Do you have to do a dissertation for midwifery?

It isn’t an exception. Nevertheless, you should know the important areas for choosing your dissertation topic. Therefore, first-last selection of topic study some of these tips that may assist you in writing your dissertation in midwifery. The tips include:

  • You must be certain your discussion focal point and expound on the whole document’s topic. It’ll assist you in the selection of topics more appropriately.
  • You might even study the dissertation examples on midwifery for reference and to grasp the main idea. These examples will offer you the idea of choosing topics to reduce the hurdles.
  • A midwifery dissertation should focus on and convey to newborns and mothers serious problems. So, you should select a topic that only revolves around that.
  • You must ensure that midwifery dissertation topics are too broad and specific. In the process of topic selection, you have to determine the level of elaborating and providing information.
  • If you’ve selected a small topic, you should broaden the writing and research field. In this dissertation type, research is an important element. So, concerning it, you must do adequate research to guarantee when writing you do not face any difficulties.
  • You must be attentive to traditional dissertation ideas on midwifery concerning the topics for the discovery of the content scope and flow.
  • The dissertation topics on midwifery must aim to expound on the profession in-depth. It must describe your focal point instead of losing track.
  • Endeavor to advance the key knowledge to grasp the subject exceptionally. Knowledge is an important element since in its absence, you can’t develop and write your process of thinking. You can also refer to dissertation titles on midwifery.
  • You can select a mother and their newborns’ health care topic. These topic types are descriptive and generic. You might select the topics around the terms to ease the process.

What is the role of a midwife in research?

  • Involvement in knowledge advancement via research, to comply with the International Confederation of Midwives’ most recent ‘Ethical Research Guidelines’.
  • Maintaining records and creating/contributing to midwifery care effectiveness, quality, safety, and cost international and national databases.
  • To adhere to and understand the researcher’s ethical code principles as laid out in the Helsinki Declaration.
  • To participate in /design studies that promote and support holistic and analyze the technology use effects as a childbirth intervention.
  • Childbearing cycle research maintains an integrated approach that comprises newborns and women’s health spiritual, physiological, cultural, and psycho-social aspects.
  • A midwife is responsible for participating in and promoting the evaluation, design, and implementation of expertise area studies.
  • Midwifery education programs, in compliance with the Midwifery Global Standards
  • Education comprises the practical and theoretical research application so that a midwife can critically apply, appraise, and interpret appropriate findings of research to make sure they have an evidence-based practice.


If you have come to this extent perhaps you have found some fascinating research topics in midwifery for your task. Nevertheless, if you can’t still decide on the topic for selection, use our paper writing services or make inquiries with our writing experts at They might be capable of providing you with remarkable topic suggestions. We’ve got a professional writers’ team to assist you and will write your papers from scratch with 100% accuracy and quality.

In addition, you can communicate with your instructors, who will allocate you research topics in midwifery depending on your interest areas and skills. If you study this article severally, you may get a notion of carrying out dissertation ideas on midwifery. The research topics in midwifery on our website will assist you in realizing your nursing career dream. We offer students free dissertations at no cost to boost their academic performance.

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