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Integration Strategies for Implementing New Technology in Healthcare Organizations

Integration Strategies for Implementing New Technology in Healthcare Organizations

Integration Strategies for Implementing New Technology in Healthcare Organizations

The transition from an organization’s choice to embrace new technology to healthcare practitioners’ everyday usage of that technology is multidimensional and complex. Implementation strategies are a component of transforming healthcare practice via the use of technology. They relate to the specific steps to help patients and healthcare practitioners begin and sustain new technology in the clinical context. Whenever healthcare facilities intend to implement new technology, they utilize integration techniques critical for success.

It entails a structured intervention process to incorporate and integrate evidence-based health innovations into routine care. Management’s implementation tactics for putting new technology into practice include facilitating training, support, and engagement, as well as internal and external facilitation like auditing and feedback, all of which impact the effectiveness of technology adoption in practice (Solberg et al. l., 2021). Obtaining expert suggestions before purchasing a technology, involving stakeholders in the decision process, and altering infrastructure to accommodate new technology are effective techniques and tactics that may be employed.

Nurse Managers are also responsible for establishing operational procedures to readjust to new technology and designing interrelations to organize operational processes to incorporate technology use (Bahari et al., 2021). They also develop financial strategies for acquiring and maintaining the technology, facilitating and offering interactive consultations to select the best alternatives and training and educating stakeholders on the impacts of technology. Managers are also responsible for analyzing the efficiency of the implemented technology and enabling integration through the tactics indicated above. They access the technology’s practicality, acceptance, appropriateness, cost-effectiveness, and long-term sustainability within the practice.


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What integration strategies should be used when implementing new technology in a healthcare organization?

Integration Strategies for Implementing New Technology in Healthcare Organizations

Integration Strategies for Implementing New Technology in Healthcare Organizations

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