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Integrated Marketing Communications And The Promotional Mix

Integrated Marketing Communications And The Promotional Mix

The contributor in the commercial is McDonald’s because they are trying to spread information about their business to their receivers. The receiver is the targeted audience since they are the ones McDonald’s is trying to reach so that it brings in more customers. Marketers at McDonald’s are concerned about encoding and deciphering the commercial because they need to be careful how they create McDonald’s message so as not to accidentally offend or upset any potential customers while still trying to relate to their current customers.

The commercial is called the sibling trade deal meal, where it has two siblings trying to trade some of their food with each other, but they do not agree on either of their stipulations.

The central message of the commercial is that you can have two of your favourites without having to compromise and for just $6.00. This is a great marketing strategy because most people can afford this meal as it is cheap, making it affordable, convenient, and the meal can be quite filling. Receivers provide their response to the sender by purchasing the meal, with the ability to leave reviews on different apps or going on the McDonalds ‘ website and leaving a review there about their experience along with a review on the food.


YouTube. (2021, January 24). McDonald’s 2 for $6 – the Sibling Trade Deal Meal commercial 2021. YouTube. Retrieved September 12, 2021, from v=1scCGaST1EM.


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The communications process describes the interactions between a sender and a receiver of a message. Watch the video “The Communications Process and IMC.

Integrated Marketing Communications And The Promotional Mix

Integrated Marketing Communications And The Promotional Mix

” Visit YouTube and find and watch a TV commercial for McDonald’s. Post the link to the commercial in your discussion.  Analyze the commercial using the communications model. Who are the sender and receiver of the commercial? Why are marketers at McDonald’s concerned about the encoding and decoding of the commercial? What is the central message of the commercial?  How do receivers provide feedback to the sender? In replies to peers, discuss whether you agree or disagree with their analysis of the commercial and explain why.


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