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Initial Impressions of Psychology and the Law

Initial Impressions of Psychology and the Law

Some of the most common mental disorders include depression, general anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. A post-traumatic disorder is caused by past traumatic events which include physical and emotional abuse. When some individuals go through some of these experiences, they develop PSTD which is characterized by a lack of normal humane feelings and detaching oneself from society. In the second example in Chapter Two, the African American man is extremely violent which might be attributed to PSTD. He might have experienced violence while growing up and thus adopted the behavior at an early age. Regarding his parole, a risk assessment should be done to determine whether he is eligible. However, due to his frequent violent behavior, parole may not be the best option for him at the moment because he is most likely to commit another assault (Roesch, Zapf, & Hart).

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Roesch, R., Zapf, P. A., & Hart, S. D. (n.d.). Forensic psychology and law. Law and Human Behavior.


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Initial Impressions of Psychology and the Law

Initial Impressions of Psychology and the Law

Please respond to the following:

Review the video titled “Mental Health Matters” (2 min 59 s), located below. You may also view the video at Next, identify two (2) common types of mental health problems, as well as two (2) common causes of mental health problems. Taking this information, I want you to choose ONE of the 3 cases listed on page 30 of the text. Use the information from Chapter 2 to help you answer the question associated with your case. So for instance, if you are considering the case for parole, you want to consider the factors of risk and violence assessment.

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